Henley Royal Regatta Rule Changes 1995-6

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Wednesday 13th December 1995.****************************Last night the Stewards of Henley Royal Regatta approved a number ofchanges to the eligibility/status rules for various events.  Some pointsabout these changes are not yet entirely clear, but the following areconfirmed to apply from now onwards (summarised for those with little HRRknowledge):GRAND CHALLENGE CUP --    no changes, still open to all eights.  Will be international standard.LADIES PLATE - -    no formal changes, but due to alterations in the lesser eights events(see below) the number of entries is likely to rise.  An educated guesssuggests that overseas entries in this event may not be able to guaranteea "straight-through" entry without rowing in qualification if direct entrywould risk excluding all British crews entered.  That is, however, aprivate guess - I will try and get that clarified.  Standard is likely tobe high national.THAMES CUP --    Now reserved for club eights only:  no student crews.  Also closed tocrews intending to seek international representation, and the crewcomposition restricted to a maximum of two ex-internationals (heavy orlightweight) in the boat.  The Thames entry will be reduced from 48 to 32(after qualification).TEMPLE CUP --    Still reserved for full-time student eights only, and with the oldrules of barring previous winners of any senior Henley event still inplace, but with the added restriction that no Temple crew can include anysenior international oarsman, or any who have represented their country atthe U-23's Nation's Cup, or the World Student Games, any Oxford orCambridge "Blue", any UL "Purple", or certain Varsity or overseas oarsmenof equivalent level.  Ie, no university first-crew oarsmen ofhigh-standard or collegiate universities.   [UK small universities pleasedon't get annoyed by my description].  The Temple entry will pick up theextra Thames places, altering from 32 to 48 (and therefore the old Thamespattern of eight "selected" crews and eight others who get byes on thefirst day.  The old non-composite rules are presumably still in place.PRINCE PHILIP - -    No change, top 4+ event, completely open.BRITANNIA CUP --    Rules now a mixture of those from the Thames and the Temple, but forcoxed fours.  Closed to crews seeking international representation, plus(unclear) most of the Temple rules except the student status one.  Lowestfours event.STEWARD'S --    No change, top 4- event, completely open.VISITORS' --    Always has been reserved for full-time student 4- crews, and it hasbeen clarified that high-standard student crews can enter, so the overallstandard of the event will rise.  WYFOLD CUP --    As the Thames, now barred to student crews, and reserved for 4- crewsfrom clubs only.  Same rules as the Thames (see above).  PRINCESS ELIZABETH CHALLENGE CUP --    Still open only to junior oarsmen, 8+ junior event.FAWLEY CHALLENGE CUP --    Still open only to junior scullers, 4x junior event.QUEEN MOTHER CHALLENGE CUP --    Still open 4x event.SILVER GOBLETS AND NICKALLS CHALLENGE CUP --    Probably the only change in this open 2- event (no formal ones) isthat we are not going to see a certain "S&M" pair win it this year......DOUBLE SCULLS CHALLENGE CUP --    still open 2x.WOMEN'S SINGLE SCULLS --    still in place, although not a FISA Cup event any longer.DIAMOND CHALLENGE SCULLS --    still open 1x event, no longer FISA since the World Cup has been stopped.Also there will be one GENERAL CHANGE, that every competitor must havebeen a member of the club they are representing for at least two monthsprior to the closing date for entries (2.5 weeks before the qualifyingraces, early June), not the previous one month.  Three new stewards -Michael Baldwin, international umpire, John Boultbee, ex-FISA DG and nowdirector of the AIS, and Major Andrew Wilgram, ex-junior international andformer equerry to the Duke of Edinburgh.Any further enquiries should be addressed to The Secretary, Henley Royal Regatta,HRR Headquarters,Henley-on-Thames,Oxon.    UK.I can provide phone numbers if necessary.  This and further information asit comes available will be put up on my page at the Henley index.  (butnot until later today).  Rachel.Oxford._____________________________________________The Rowing Service:http://users.ox.ac.uk/~quarrell/