Italian Athlete's committee meeting 2 1998

The Rowing Service

Information posted by Luca Vascotto, 11th April 1998.

Enquiries should be addressed to Luca or to President Andrea Re.


Athletes committees - Italian Rowing Federation

The committees met in Piediluco on February, 22nd 1998 with thefollowing Agenda:

  1. Communications of the President:
    The President informs the Members about the meeting of the Council. Hecommunicates that the Council will discuss the Committeešs proposalconcerning the bonus scale in its next meeting and that he himselfproposed an increase of the prizes the athletes in percentage with thecontributions that the Federation receives from the Italian OlympicCommittee.

  2. Relationships with the mass media:
    The committee agreed on the opportunity to have a closest and moreefficient relationship with the mass media and elaborated the guideline(below) to submit to the attention of the concerned department of theFederation, on the work to be done, in cooperation with the Committeeitself, if the case.

  3. Diffusion of the committee's activity:
    The committee decided to write articles for the Coaches Magazine, thefederation journal "Il Canottaggio" and to present a proposal to theFederation to open a page in Internet.

  4. Miscellaneous:
    The committee decided to elaborate the Statutes to regulate itsactivity, following the lines of those of the same Committee of theItalian Olympic Committee.


    1. Competitions:
      The Athletes can be interviewed with the agreement of the technicaldirection and the coaches an hour after the competition and a day beforeit, in a place decided together with the concerned department of theFederation.

    2. Written Press:
      To have a continuous relationship with newspapers, magazines, etc., itis necessary to have a closest and direct cooperation with the chief ofthe editor staff responsible of the sport services.

    3. Relationships with athletes:
      The Athletes would like to be more involved with the relationships withthe media. Therefore the concerned department of the Federation issuggested to contact them to find ways and times of a more active andefficient presence.

    4. Photographs:
      The concerned department of the Federation is request to update thephotos to send to the press, taking care to provide the newspapers withsuitable and always updated photographic documentation.