Loyola Marymount University Boathouse Sinks

The Rowing Service

At approximately 7:00 am on Aug. 14, the floating boathouse of LoyolaMarymount University in Marina Del Rey, California, sank without warning. Allof the university's shells, chase boats, oars, ergs, and other trainingequipment, along with more than 30 years of University team memorabilia wasdamaged or completely destroyed.

The boathouse was constructed in 1965 and wasthe only floating boathouse of its kind at that time. Hopes of raising theshellhouse were dashed when work crews discovered that the structure was simplytoo heavy to be raised by cranes.

The University athletic department hasquickly committed to rebuilding the shellhouse. However, this effort isexpected to take anywhere from 6-12 months. In the meantime, the Universityhas had to 'suspend' the Division 1 level men's & women's teams until certainfinancial, insurance and other issues could be resolved. In spite of thisadversity, the current rowers are firmly committed to competing in the '99 season. Even if they have to raise the funds on their own and compete as a"club team." The rowing alumni of Loyola Marymount University is being ralliedtogether to focus the rebuilding program.

At the time this article was beingcomposed, Mr. J.P. Rosso, a four-year oarsman from Loyola has begun tocoordinate these efforts. Those interested in giving their support, whether aswords of encouragement or with donations of money or equipment can contact himat crewjock@aol.com, also the address for further information about this occurrence.

Posted by J.P. Rosso.