UK National Championships 2006

The Rowing Service

Strathclyde, Glasgow, 14th-16th July 2006

The Rowing Service will be doing live-online commentary of the senior finals of the UK National Championships, for all the senior finals on Sunday 16th July. The page will be refreshed automatically every 30 seconds during race commentary, and then left as a stable link afterwards as part of the Rowing Service archive.

It's a gorgeous day here at the Strathclyde Country Park loch, with a breath of headwind, but otherwise glorious racing conditions.

9:15 - the younger junior finals have now begun - I'm not doing live online commentary for these, but will put results up every half hour or so, since otherwise they aren't going online until after racing. The J18 and senior finals will all have live commentary, starting just after noon. Until then, hit refresh to check you've got the latest version.

All races in reverse chronological order, ie most recent at the top

Delayed women's lightweight 4x final
Thames seem to be leading in the wrong lane, but perhaps with the removal of a crew things have been shifted about. City of Oxford and Marlow are both out of the race, probably due to the collision. A Scottish composite is second, with MAA third. Strathclyde Park non-composite fourth. At least all three leaders will get medals this time. Thames well up, Mortlake go to 35, but it doesn't take them past the Scottish composite at 36.5. Thames look quite relaxed, pretty neat bladework, ('miles ahead', comments Jen), Mortlake have another go, get closer to the Scottish composite this time. For a while it looks as if Mortlake will get them, then the composite hangs on. MAA to be honest look better, but the Scots have the power, and usef it very well. Gold to Thames, silver Scotland, bronze Mortlake, fourth Strathclyde Park. OK, that's it for live updates though refresh in an hour just in case there's any more news.

Men's 8+ final
We've learned the LW4x is delayed - that's why the Marlow/UWE quad girl was hit on the head, during the warm-up by City of Oxford. So they'll race after this. But back to the men. They've started, and I challenge Jen to say who's leading. With the binoculars she reckons it's Brookes then Army/CS. The Temple winners have plenty of clear water over the rest. Agecroft push into second, it's Brookes from Agecroft, and actually Scullers third, IC fourth, NCRA fifth. Brookes comfortable at 34.5, Scullers seem to be challenging Agecroft, everyone else out the back door. Scullers rating higher, but Agecroft now respond, 200m to go, Brookes lift to 39 to finish in style, Agecroft now at 40, TSS at 38, but it's all set. Brookes gold, Agecroft silver, TSS bronze, 4th Imperial, 5th Army/CS, 6th NCRA.

Women's 8+ final:
Penultimate race, Furnivall lead City of Oxford, then Reading and the OUW composite close together, can't be called. Furnivall keep the lead into the third quarter, but as they get to 1500m Oxford have closed into second. Furnivall look completely unassailable for the win, Reading are trying to get back on terms with Oxford, but OU take the rate up again. Gold to Furnivall, silver OUWBC/OUWLRC/Osiris, bronze Reading, 4th City of Oxford, 5th Scottish composite, 6th Thames.

Men's junior 4+ final:
St Leonard's leading George Heriot's and Rebecca. RGS Worcester are catching up, a big push to 38 gets them into third ahead of Rebecca. Rebecca try and go again, their push back takes them into third and then look to be nearing second because GH slip back - it's not clear. Suddenly the most unexpected situation of the regatta happens. RGS suddenly start to go diagonally across the course, from lane 2 to lane 5, and collide with Rebecca. Bizarre. Umpire disqualifies RGS, the rest carry on, Rebecca restart but were in a medal position when they were hit, so this may be a rerow. Provisionally St Leonard's over George Heriot's over Merchant Taylors, but that's not right. Umpire says he wants to put Rebecca in the medals, he's allowed to do that. Much discussing over the radio. OK, it's announced. Gold to St Leonard's, silver to George Heriot's, bronze to Rebecca.

Women's lightweight 4x final:
There's something up as this race isn't coming down. Didn't hear anything about it on the radio but maybe we missed it during frenetic racing. Ah, it's not happening yet. More when we find out why.

Men's lightweight 1x final:
These guys did semifinals early this morning, like the LW1x, so they've already fought it out. Betteridge leading, Hefferman having a go, Hoodless has a push. That's Grosvenor, York City, then UTRC at the moment. While we wait for an update, the announcer gets the singles winner's name completely wrong. Hoodless tries to get past the two leaders, doesn't work. Hefferman has gone into the lead, Betteridge fading, Hoodless up to 34.5, but still can't get past. Hefferman has clear water. Price of Brookes gets into the race, Hefferman beside him starting to wilt but stays enough ahead for now. UTRC ahead of Grosvenor, Hoodless now charging towards gold, Price gets past Betteridge. Gold to Hefferman only a shade ahead of Hoodless silver, with Price getting bronze.

Men's 1x final:
We're wondering how often Richard Ockendon of Molesey has done this final - it's a few. He's in the lead with 750m gone, Jones of Grosvenor wandering into the outside lane. We think Dart Totnes' Lucas is second, yup, that's right, then Agecroft's Dowell next. Molesey vs Dart Totnes for the gold, Molesey in front for now. They're leaving the rest of the field way behind, Ockendon pushes out further ahead, Agecroft a long way back but ok in third. Ock at 34, Lucas at 32.5, some serious power going down from these guys. Gold Ockendon, silver Lucas, bronze Dowell. Somebody's quad has been hit (bow girl) and the rescue boat almost whizzes past before realising it's the girl holding her head they need to help.

Women's junior 4- final:
Another straight final, just three crews. Jen can only see two crews, who's missing. It's Lady Eleanor Holles absent, just ASRA and George Heriot's racing for the sole medal (gold). Aberdeen looking tidier but GH moving away steadily, shouldn't be much in doubt. Steering a little dubious, but they're far enough ahead it shouldn't be making too much difference. GH at a very steady rate, a bit rushed on the slide but they're clearly going to win.

Women's 2x final:
Reading lad being seen to, looks a bit sick, while four crews involving Mortlake women get racing. We reckon Mortlake B are leading at 1250 gone, with AK/MAA composite and TRC/MAA composite behind them. Durham put in a massive push to get towards the third place, it's starting to work. Now AK/MAA in th e lead, at 34.5, with an increasingly tight field for silver and bronze. Durham up with MAA B, now challenging for bronze or silver. Gold AK/MAA, silver Thames/MAA, and a photofinish for bronze. Probably MAA B getting it just ahead of Durham. Yup, that's right.

Men's junior 2x final:
Heat winners Marlow leading, with Reading, another straight qualifier, beating Strathclyde/Nithsdale for second, but not by much. Monmouth close up on the third place, look to have levelled SP/N who are at 34.5 and perhaps haven't seen them. Monmouth look good, and are on the outside. Yes, gold Marlow, silver Reading, hold off the quickly-closing Monmouth who get bronze with Strathclyde Park and Nithsdale fourth. Reading's strokeman looks flat out (literally) on the line, safety boat goes over to him to check.

Women's lightweight 4- final:
Only five crews, with MAA up against Reading for the lead. Staines/Vesta between them a way back, but being chased by Thames A. Mortlake at 36, Reading 35, but the pack closing slightly. 1500m gone, still MAA leading, Reading now quite a way back, then Staines/Vesta coming up towards Reading. Reading have the better rate, Staines/Vesta start to lift to match it, it's a huge lift, Staines/Vesta's rate shoots up and they overhaul Reading in a very short number of strokes. Over the line, MAA claim their gold with shrill shrieks of delight, then Staines/Vesta silver (rather out of puff), and Reading bronze.

Men's Under-23 1x final:
Ashley Prestidge of Burton Leander leading at 1250 gone, looks to be well in control. Behind him Boyns of Molesey, then Dalglish of UL. Another fairly well-spread race, not much danger of anything exciting happening now. Prestidge gold, Boyns silver, Dalglish bronze, 4th Itchen, 5th Newcastle and 6th Calpe.

Women's junior 1x final:
Rob Roy's Bridges is leading halfway, with level behind her Strathclyde Park's Santoni and Canford's Edwards. Canford does a push, edges fractionally ahead. Canford at 30.5, Strathclyde at 31, Rob Roy looking comfortable. Maidenhead's Pepper looks to be in the pack behind Bridges. Santoni pushes back, gets level with Edwards. Crowds cheering, plenty of support for these girls. Only Upper Thames and Stourport at the back for now. Rob Roy's advantage slides away, she's getting tired, Santoni and Edwards closing back on her. Going to be very close, and here comes UTRC's Wirt doing well at the end. Bridges is OK, she is still far enough ahead, Santoni and Edwards cross together, then the other three also in a line. The wind's gone back round a bit towards tail, so we might get close to record times again.

Men's 4- final:
They've just started, no reports yet and it's too far away to see. Brief pause while I get connected. Ok, here we go. 1500m gone, Marlow/Molesey doing a push on the outside, umpire warning Scullers and Sheffield. Scullers at 36, but Marlow/Molesey have all the advantage at the moment, look good for gold. Scullers are second currently, 250m to go. Marlow look relaxed, perhaps too relaxed at 35 with Scullers closing, 2-man takes a look, Scullers push up to 40, Durham/Nephthys behind by a way. Marlow/Molesey gold, Scullers silver, Durham/Nephthys bronze Army/Combined Services look bothered, paddling in last.

Women's 2- final:
A hugely close race, Bath Uni versus Aberdeen/Clydesdale, and these two leading St Andrew and Molesey and Scullers. The Scottish composite have the upper hand at the moment, Bath comfortably second, and I think it's Thames coming up on the outside to challenge Molesey, Scullers and St Andrew. St Andrew clip the buoys but then straighten up. Scottish composite still leading at 1500m gone, Bath still second, Aberdeen and Bath both drift towards the buoys, it gets a little difficult. Tricky crosswind at the moment. TSS creep into Bath's lane, Umpire doesn't seem bothered. Gold easily to Aberdeen/Clydesdale, Bath get silver, and Tideway Scullers lift to 37 to hold off St Andrew for the bronze. Molesey 5th, Thames 6th.

Women's lightweight 1x final:
We don't have a lane order for these guys. Dark kit, white blades with a vertical strip leading at the moment, but our club-identification skills defeat us. Right, got it, Mason of Thames in the lead, then Loughborough's Trembling, then bronze between Durham's Steel and AK's Waterworth. Durham at 37 making a superb push to the end to get the bronze, looks rather pleased with herself. Gold to Mason, silver Trembling, bronze Steel.

Women's junior 2- final:
Just three in the race, two Aberdeen Schools crews and Nottm Schools - all schools rowing associations. Aberdeen A leading, Nottm ahead of Aberdeen B. Aberdeen A likely to lead this home by a long way, huge gap now. Not much of a race, sorry guys. ASRA A gold, NSRA silver, ASRA B don't get a medal.

Women's Under-23 1x final:
A pretty good field here, Aberdeen University's Crighton had 3 lengths lead at 1000m, over Knowles of UL. Connection's down briefly, reconnect required. Mike Haggerty comes in to tell us there is about 10 strokes of flat calm at the start, then a hefty crosswind kicks in which is 'quite challenging at 1000m'. Jen spots that it is getting pretty choppy mid-course. Crighton still leading very comfortably. Taylor from Durham Univ gets into third place, the water calms slightly for the finish of this race. The medals look pretty sure for this one - Peterborough City's Bobyk is well down on third place. Durham not massively smooth but strong enough for the medal. Gold to Crighton, silver to Knowles, bronze to Taylor. Her time is a massive new championship record, we think because the WU231x isn't raced very often, so the record of 1995 hasn't been broken - it was 9 minutes plus back then. Crighton goes 8-17.37, more than a minute better.

Men's junior 4x final:
Finally started, Yarm School unsurprisingly leading the way, Avon County and Tideway Scullers/Peterborough City having a bit of a fight behind them. The National Schools winners from Yarm look very comfortable, and Star/St Neot's have moved into second, just a sniff ahead of Scullers and both these crews are rating their highest possible. No luck Scullers, it doesn't work. Gold to Yarm, silver St Neot's/Star, bronze Scullers/Peterborough, 4th Avon County.

Men's lightweight 4x final (the real deal):
Tideway Scullers living up to their name and leading. There's a Chester/Norwich/Grosvenor composite looking good. Tideway up to 37 and move well ahead. 1250m gone, commentary briefly gets mixed up but realises it's the senior quad not the junior. Rebecca lie second, no sign of Notts County in the race at all. A double are shifted off the finish line so as not to screw up the photofinish. It won't be needed. Scullers get gold, Rebecca silver, Chester composite third, City of Oxford catch a crab which confirms they can't do better than fourth, and hit the geese as they cross the line. Many ruffled feathers all round. CORC bowman has his head in his hands, they know they lost that bronze by the crab.

Women's lightweight 2- final:
Glasgow/ASberdeen have a shade of a lead ahead of Furnivall, with Thames third bu tnot by much. Some poor steering, the umpire is busy. The commentator won't commit himself, but Jen's sure Furnivall are ahead, rating 33. AK and Thames start to steer together, umpire veers over. Glasgow/Aberdeen push to 34, and get ahead. Scots over Furnivall over several others - Osiris now join the mix. Still the Scots in front, very tight Furnivall and Thames for second, Scots go up to 38, they're going to be the medal crews. Thames still having a bit of steering trouble, Osiris launch a huge push but may be too late, Glasgow/Aberden get gold, Furnivall silver, Thames bronze, 4th Osiris and 5th AK with Staines well back.

Men's lightweight 4x final:
Bit of a hiatus, there isn't anyone on the course at present. Lighty lads not even started yet. "Small men", mutters Jen beside me in a satisfied fashion. We heard radio traffic about a quad with a problem, a few minutes ago, but think it was juniors with a rigger issue. A gaggle of geese slide out towards the course, clearly thinking they can do a sail-past while there's a break. Watch out geese, the race has now started. But it's not the quads, it's the girls, so I'll suspend this and move on.

Women's junior 2x final:
A slight delay while they get the Marlow scullers out of the water. At least it's not too cold today - still a warm afternoon, with some merciful cloud making it a bit more cooling for the rowers. George Watson's/Nithsdale securely in front of St Neot's, Maidenhead and City of Oxford in the mix behind them. City of Oxford pushing, get into third, it's GW/N ahead of St Neot's, CORC third, Kingston coming up on the far side. St. Neot's do a good push for the line, but GW/N are well aware they have this won. Gold to George Watson's/Nithsdale, silver to St Neot's, bronze unsure due to a threeway photofinish. Bronze goes to City of Oxford.

Men's 2x final:
Leaders at 1000m are Glasgow University with Liverpool Victoria ahead of Marlow and Burton Leander. Glasgow look pretty solid, but the Marlow strokeman falls off his seat, briefly giving Burton Leander a chance. He gets back on impressively quickly, so Burton don't get much advantage. LV at 31.5, Marlow's speed and adrenaline gives them a burst of speed, and they get back past Burton, but the latter refuse to give up. Top medals seem pretty well set, the bronze is still up for grabs. Marlow don't know when they're beaten, try their best to push on Liverpool, but LV start to hit the buoys on Marlow's side but they're well ahead. Marlow catch a boatstopper on both strokeside blades, up go the bowside blades, and they capsize right in front of the grandstand. Gold to Glasgow Uni, silver Liverpool Victoria, bronze Burton Leander, and Heriott Watt come fourth while the safety boat goes to help Marlow. Another bit of metalware for the Logans.

Men's Under-23 2x final:
Only four boats, but Itchen Imperial/Bournemouth University and Edinburgh/Glasgo w Universities at the front with UTRC/Henley. 1500m gone, and a staggering push has the Scottish students right at the front, with the coastal scullers leading Henley/UTRC by a shade. Scotland's double going hard but have this sewn up, they win the gold, with Itchen/Bournemouth silver and Henley/UTRC bronze.

Women's 4+ final:
They're sitting on the start waiting. Wind is pretty strong now and mostly cross, no more record times. Bad luck guys. Right, the fours have started, and by 500m gone Thames are leading, Thames B in fact, ahead of Agecroft by half a length. Then a close tussle between City of Oxford, Thames A and Osiris. Only Cambridge '99 out of the race so far. Thames B move on, shift out to clear water, and Osiris start to challenge Agecroft for second. The commentary is a bit mixed, but we are pretty sure it's Thames B not A in the front. 1250m, Agecroft have done a push, and got themselves back in contention, 1500m and they're close to Thames B. Thames ahead of Agecroft ahead of Osiris ahead of Thames B. Thames A start to push towards third place, Osiris and City of Oxford not giving up. Agecroft sneaking ahead, we think they're leading by hal fa length now, over Thames B. Thames B looking tired at 31, Osiris push on, Thames B recover slightly, Thames come b ack on Agecroft as they push away from Osiris. Thames B looking at Osiris but it's Agecroft their push gets them past. Gold to Thames B, silver to Agecroft, bronze to Osiris, a very close finish indeed.

Men's junior 4- final:
They're already on the corse as the women finish, looks to be between Rebecca and a Strathclyde/Castle Semple composite. They're towing KGS in the lane between them along. KGS at 36.5 trying to push, Rebecca looking strong at 1500m gone, Minerva Bath starting to drift to bowside into lane 7. Aha, it's RGS Worcester close for minor medals too. Scottish composite leading solidly, KGS and Rebecca fighting for second, but some more bad steering for RGS. Gold to the Scots, silver KGS, Rebecca bronze and Minerva-Bath fourth. The dead heat for the previous race is announced (see below).

Women's lightweight 2x final:
AK/MAA composite leading, Strathclyde Park second, they're at 1000m. Looks like quite a tight race, we get an update at 1500m. Strathclyde push up the rate to 36, making a move, MAA/AK still in the lead. City of Oxford and Loughborough the only ones not really inthe medal race. MAA non-composite and Nottm & Union scrapping for bronze. MAA/AK pick up the rate, still 1.5 lengths up. First looks pretty secure, Nottm & Union starting to close on the second place, Strathclyde go up to 37 to hold them off, it's getting pretty tight now though. OK, the Nottm push fails, Strathclyde can be sure of this now, MAA close on Nottingham & Union, photofinish for third. Gold definitely to AK/MAA, silver to Strathclyde Park, bronze we'll wait and see. It's announced, a dead heat for bronze between Nottm Union and MAA non-composite. Wow!

Men's lightweight 4- final:
Alreadyd a long way up, 1500m and London leading Durham Univ, and Notts County trying to challenge Durham for second. Notts rating looks better, they may be g oing through, rating 38.5, Durham bowman leaning out with the effort of pulling. London get gold comfortably, Notts County take silver with a good late push, Durham bronze. Connection's hung up again. Grr.

Men's 2- final:
Sorry - just realised the auto-refresh wasn't working, now fixed. Men's apirs on the course, Reading being warned to move back into their own lane, Imperial are leading pretty easily, 1250m gone, Reading starting to come back into contention, but it's UL second, and TSS in the mix too. Reading drifting again, look as if they're overlapping Imperial from our viewpoint. They shift, after being warned, which slows them down. Scullers at 36.5, Imperial still in front at 37.5, it's these two now for the top medal. Reading drifting again but now well back so it won't do anything but disadvantage them. Umpire warning them heavily, they're going straight for UL, they've crossed a whole lane, and have stopped rowing so as not to hit UL. UL were well in third when that happened, must have been scared to see Reading, a fast crew, heading straight for them. So, more coherently. IC and Scullers were fighting it out for the gold, we still don't know which won, and we thought Reading were far enough back not to cause trouble. But something with their steering was cockeyed, and they veered dramatically towards UL two lanes over, who they were nearly level with. Umpire was hanging out of th eside of his launch warning them, and clearly yelled "Stop" to make them come to a halt. They did, it averted a crash, and UL managed to take bronze. Gold IC, silver Scullers. Reading DSQ'd by the umpire at the line.

Women's 4x final:
Only four crews, with Mortlake leading off, Tideway Scullers chasing them hard. Mortlake get a commnedation from the racecourse commentary for their skill, looking very good. Sunderland have overtaken Scullers now, by 1250m, but still can't close the 2+ length gap to Mortlake. Durham are not really in the race. Mortlake look relaxed, rating 33, Sunderland at 30.5, now well ahead of Scullers rating 34. Mortlake very unstressed, how nice to win a straight final so easily. Sunderland seem to have slowed down a bit, Tideway Scullers pushing, but they are still a length back. Sunderland suddenly realise things could get nasty, up to 36, and pull away again. Mortlake Anglian and Alpha gold, Sunderland silver by 2/3 length, Scullers bronze, and Durham ARC potter in.

Men's 4x final:
They're at 1250m gone, Scullers in the lead rating 35, followed by Molesey and City of Oxford. Molesey are the biggest threat to the gold, Northwich pushing City now, Durham have had a technical problem and are paddling. Scullers now have the upper thand over Molesey, City of Oxford trying to hold off Northwich. It doesn't seem to work, we reckon they will get bronze. Scullers comfortable gold, Molesey silver, Northwich bronze and City of Oxford, Burton Leander 4th/5th.

Women's 4- final:
Connection hangs up again, dammnit. Oxford Brookes are well up in front, at the 1000m marker, but City of Oxford are way back having considerable problems steering. Furnivall look to be second, Brookes rating 36, Furnivall 34, Then Aberdeen/Clydesdale, and lane 2 Clyde/Clydesdale pushing up their rate to try and catch Furnivall. Brookes are more relaxed now, scenting the win, 34.5, Furnivall at 37, being warned back into their lane, the umpire pretty busy. Furnivall shift, Brookes do a last dash at better rate, on the near side Aberdeen/Clydesdale racing hard to try for the silver. Perhaps Furnivall didn't see them, too busy on their side of the loch. Gold Brookes, silver Ab/Clyde, bronze Furnivall.

Men's lightweight 2- final:
We're kind of expecting Nephthys (OULRC) to do well here, as Alex Woods and Andy Berridge have been going very fast all season, and I think are U23 selection. Comment from the tower is that Henley got the coxed fours by silver 'half a bowball' and that 'you should have big bowballs'. About 500m gone, hard to see what's ahppening. TSS seem to have tried a move but now dropped back, a very even race between the rest. Plymouth and Aberdeen seem to be moving forward, Nephthys getting close to the buoys as are Durham, both warned, Durham were first across the marker line, with Plymouth then Tideway then Aberdeen, Nepthys, London in order. This is going to be a blanket finish, Durham are going like trains, Nephthys struggling, Durham starting to move out, Plymouth quite low rate but 2nd, Nephthys nearly catch a crab and are well out of the race, Durham look magnificent at 38.5, London starting to come through. Durham win gold, Plymouth silver, and Lonodn's late charge gives them the bronze.

Men's 4+ final:
Brit winners Army in this, York City didn't show for their repechage yesterday. University of London (from the Prince Albert) leading, coming to 1250 gone. Peter Wells listed as being in this, no doubt a strengthening. Henley and Aberdeen/Clyde fighting for second, but here come the Army. UL first, Henley second, Army now third and closing fast. Army looking pretty tidy, coming through Henley with a higher rate, and Reading also closing on the minor medals. Army bowman keeps looking over, UL are just going for it, Henley at 40, bowball to bowball with Army, Reading not quite fast enough. Henley just seem to get it, with UL gold, Henley silver, Army bronze we reckon, and a photofinish to check.

Lightweight doubles final:
At the 500m mark, and we have the Logan brothers racing as Glasgow in this. They're leading, with TSS a length behind, and a pack behind for the bronze. The wind's gone round to a cross-tail, good conditions but a bit more blustery than before. 1250m gone, Logans at 33, still leading over TSS, and Warrington trying to close on St Andrew/George Watson's College. The lead closes, TSS rating 34, Logans looking cool and strong. Warrington dropping back now, the medallists look pretty clear, but TSS are going to give the gold a good effort. Glasgow Univ up to 34, just ahead of Tideway, longer and stronger, up to 35 now, just managing to stay ahead. Gold Glasgow Univ, silver Tideway Scullers, bronze St Andrew/George Watson's, 4th Warrington, 5th City of Oxford, 6th Monmouth. It seems virtually certain the Logan brothers will be Home Countries and Commonwealth LM2x.

Women's junior 4+ final
We thought this was both Henley crews, but it turns out to be one Henley (probably A) and the George Heriot's school. GH leading Henley, both in the late 20's early 30's on rate, GH comfortably ahead. Henley trying very hard, but don't quite have the speed to match. Gold to George Heriot's, silver to Henley, no other racers.

Women's 1x final:
Bloody flaky phone connection. Apologies for any bad spelling - I won't have time to correct it. Loveridge seems to be in front easily on this, with Motram of Marlow being overtaken by rep winner Finn of TSS for the silver. Next in line is Rebecca rower Rebecca Rowe in her Wales strip, and they finish in that order. 5th Haly of Marlow, 6th Erikson of Worcester, I think. Apparently Stephanie Mottram is a junior, so well done her.

Men's junior 2- final:
The pairs are already a long way up the course. A very sharp fight between Eton/Pangbourne and Stratchlyde Park/Castle Semple to the line: the Scots get it for the first Scottish gold of the day, Eton/Pangbourne silver, and St. Leonard's bronze. Sorry not to do more on that race.

Women's junior 4x final:
Right, they're catching up with a vengeance. My connection's still flaky so for a few races I'll just upload as and when I can. The crews are at the 1250m mark, Calpe leading (this would be their best result of the day if they can win), but pressed hard by Henley. The bronze medal is up between Strathclyde Park, home favourites, and Molesey Schools. Calpe rating 33, Strathclyde 35, it's turning into a huge battle. Still Calpe (from Gibraltar) in front, Henley just behind, but the visitors should watch out, this is ripe for a late attack. Henley under-rating, that could be the key near the line. Now they go, Henley up the rate, burst through Calpe, and Molesey and Rob Roy are split by a whisker for third place. Photofinish without a doubt.

Men's junior (J18) 1x final:
Looks like they've just restarted racing, and I have Jen Thomson (ex-Oxford, now St. Andrew's) with me spotting with the binocs and using the rate watch. Sooty Biddulph has promised to come up too at some stage, but he's umpiring for another two hours or so. Nearing 1000m, and Yarm are in the lead rating 30, and we start getting a bit of commentary from the rafts at the middle markers. This is singles - the Yarm sculler is Ben Rowe, ahead of Edge of Trent, Walker of TSS on the far side takes his rate up, but has Marlow's Knill ahead of him. Leaders get to the 1500m, Rowe ahead of Edge ahead of Knill ahead of Walker now, but Rowe's really got this in the bag. Good steering, steady rate, while Edge goes up to 33 trying to clinch the silver. Going to be a hell of a race for the minor medals, but the gold is not in doubt. It's now Edge and Knollman from Walton looking for the silver, Edge goes up to 35, Knollman has gone through Knill, Knollman looks round, but can't get silver, Edge is well up. Gold Rowe (Yarm Sch), silver Edge (Trent), bronze Knollman (Walton).

Adaptive M1x final:
We seem to be about to start the adaptive race, they're just lining up on the 1000m for a free start. In the race, Tony Flinn, a rower for 2 years after being a golfer, and having had his accident 3 years ago. Then Rob Holliday, three times rowed for GBR, silver medallist in 2003 (Milan) and 2004 (Banyoles), and Martin Minton, who has only rowed for four months, already an adaptive javelin thrower but says he has a 'need for speed' so took up rowing as well. Confesses to being very nervous about today. Right, they've got to about 400m gone, Holliday leading, Flinn only a couple of lengths back, Minton about 200m further back. Good news for Flinn - since Holliday says he's retired, Flinn might be able to compete for GBR at the Worlds in Eton (August) if he shows enough speed. Now defending national champion Holliday's just passing the 1500m marker, and he's pulled out a very substantial lead over Flinn, and is moving away strongly. He's near the 1750m mark now, this is arms-only sculling so does take a while, but he must feel very confident. Last year in Gifu the distance for most of the adaptive events went to 2000m, but it's gone back to 1000m for all of them now, which is good. For those who haven't seen it, the A1x (arms-only singles) have back-rests, stabilisers on their boats to stop them flipping, and some have a little movement in their spines so can rock a bit. Holliday reaches the line, another win for Ardingley, with Flinn at about 200m to go, and Minton not yet past the 500m to go. Good effort for him though, he's still going, despite being much less experienced than the others. Flinn over the line, he's having to take his catch on the arms much more. And finally Minton over the line, but it's going to put racing behind for a while. He has pretty good technique on the blades, just isn't getting very much reach yet and looks to be rigged a bit high for proper connection depth. My connection dropped in the middle of this, so please bear with it, and try again if it seems to get stuck.

Men's J16 4x final:
Results: Gold Marlow 6-37.75; silver Windsor Boys' Sch A 6-46.28; bronze Claire's Court Sch/Marlow 6-51.70; 4th Evesham 6-52.15; 5th Windsor Boys' Sch B 7-02.75; 6th Merchant Taylor's Sch 7-10.79.
Note: The winners, despite having a massive margin of victory, still managed to beat the 2004 record, set at Nottingham's Nat Champs, of 6-39.24.

Men's J15 4x+ final:
Results: Gold Maidenhead 6-56.82; silver Windsor Boys' Sch 6-58.02; bronze Warrington 7-02.32; 4th Hampton Sch A 7-04.24; 5th Hampton Sch B 7-26.02; 6th Calpe (Gibraltar) 7-38.21.
Note: The gold and silver medallists in that race both beat the 2002 record of 6-59.61 set at the Nottingham Nat Champs.

Men's J14 4x+ final:
Results: Gold Tideway Scullers 7-07.57; silver George Watson's Coll 7-07.87; bronze Evesham 7-22.01; 4th Marlow 7-26.01; 5th Hampton Sch 7-30.45; 6th Windsor Boys' Sch 7-39.61.
Note: The gold and silver medallists both beat the 2002 record set at the Nottingham Nat Champs, of 7-16.88.

Women's J16 4x final:
Results: Gold Henley 7-37.49; silver Marlow 7-43.57; bronze Star 7-52.51; 4th King's Sch Worcester 8-02.18; 5th Runcorn 8-06.34; 6th Queen Elizabeth High Sch 8-06.37.

Women's J15 4x+ final:
Results: Gold Lady Eleanor Holles Sch 7-41.02; silver Maidenhead 7-42.90; bronze Marlow 7-50.74; 4th Loch Lomond 7-51.01; 5th St. Leonard's Sch 7-58.07; 6th Durham 8-08.32.
Note: The winners of this race just managed to beat the 2002 record set at the Nottingham Nat Champs, of 7-41.26.

Women's J14 4x+ final:
Results: Gold Lady Eleanor Holles Sch 7-54.13; silver Henley A 7-54.32; bronze Star/St Neot's 7-56.46; 4th Queen's Park High Sch 8-03.26; 5th Maidenhead A 8-05.18; 6th Avon County 8-18.36.

Men's J16 4+ final:
Results: Gold Star 7-03.31; silver Queen Elizabeth High Sch 7-10.11; bronze King's Sch Worcester 7-14.03; 4th Walton 7-16.20; 5th Stourport 7-20.64; 6th RGS Worcester 7-25.29.
Note: The winners of this race broke the 7-07.60 course record set in 2004 at the Nottingham Nat Champs.

Women's J16 4+ final:
Results: Gold Henley 7-42.22; silver George Heriot's Sch 7-44.81; bronze Mediterranean (Gibraltar) 7-46.54; 4th Molesey Schs RA 7-50.27; 5th Strathclyde Park/Queen Elizabeth High Sch 7-53.21; 6th Kingston Grammar Sch 7-58.12.

Men's J16 2x final:
Results: Gold The Grange Sch 7-02.22; silver George Watson's Coll 7-10.46; bronze Hereford 7-22.10; 4th Mediterranean (Gibraltar) 7-33.10; 5th Monmouth Comp 7-33.15; 6th King's Sch Worcester 7-56.27.

Men's J15 2x final:
Results: Gold Evesham 7-09.61; silver Maidstone Invicta 7-10.78; bronze Maidenhead 7-19.70; 4th Nottm Schools RA 7-21.97; 5th Warrington 7-22.57; 6th Norwich Sch/Norwich 7-24.69.

Men's J14 2x final:
Results: Gold Tideway Scullers 7-19.00; silver St. Ives 7-22.65; bronze Aberdeen Schs RA 7-36.83; 4th York City 7-38;78; 5th Hampton Sch 7-49.15; 6th Warrington 7-49.99. Note: The gold and silver medallists in this race beat the Nottingham Nat Champs record set in 2002, of 7-23.11.

Women's J16 2x final:
Results: Gold St. Neot's 7-49.75; silver Marlow 7-55.83; bronze Avon County 7-58.25; 4th Warrington 7-58.45; 5th Maidstone Invicta 8-05.09; 6th Molesey Schs RA 8-15.21.

Women's J15 2x final:
Results: Gold Yarm Sch 7-51.84; silver Maidenhead 8-03.70; bronze King's Sch Canterbury 8-06.47; 4th Norwich 8-11.49; 5th Runcorn 8-21.66; 6th Star 8-35.50.
The winners in this race beat the Nottingham Nat Champs record of 7-53.54; set in 2002.

Women's J14 2x final:
Results: Gold Star/St Neot's 8-07.65; silver Maidenhead 8-10.42; bronze Star 8-12.85; 4th Aberdeen Schs RA 8-13.90; 5th Eton Excelsior 8-25.93; 6th Warrington 8-49.06.
Note: The winners in this race just managed to beat the Nottingham Nat Champs record of 8-07.86 set in 2002.

Men's J16 4- final:
Results: Gold Tyne 6-48.87; silver Walton 6-56.81; bronze Claire's Court Sch/Maidenhead 7-03.34; 4th RGS Worcester 7-16.85; Grenville/Exmouth did not start.

Men's J16 1x final:
Results: Gold G Caines (Nottm Schs B) 7-34.68; silver L Rose (Burton Leander) 7-41.78; bronze B Stewart (Hollingworth Lake) 7-48.58; 4th A Neill (Peterborough City) 7-55.86; 5th E Mills (Yarm Sch) 8-09.15; 6th J Turner (St. Peter's Sch) 8-20.03.
Note: The winner in this race beat the 2002 Nottingham Nat Champs record of 7-40.55.

Men's J15 1x final:
Results: Gold S Kleshnev (Windsor Boys' Sch) 7-34.77; silver S Steele (Magdalen Coll Sch) 7-42.43; bronze M Tatlock (Walton) 7-47.73; 4th M Brighton (Stourport) 7-58.02; 5th M Pownall (Warrington) 8-05.11; 6th J Nicholson (Chester le Street) 8-07.91.
Note: The top two medallists in this race beat the 2002 Nottingham Nat Champs record of 7-41.05. We're presuming S Kleshnev is the son of Dr Valery Kleshnev, the world-renowned rowing biomechanics research specialist who is now at the English Institute of Sport helping our GB teams. A good advertisement for his dad'a methods!

Men's J14 1x final:
Results: Gold S Howell (St Neot's) 7-46.07; silver R Ashburner (Maidenhead) 7-49.12; bronze J Fox (Peterborough City) 7-49.14; 4th M Walker (George Watson's Coll) 8-06.68; 5th C Thomas (Queen's Park High Sch) 8-15.99; 6th A Holmes (Castle Semple) 8-23.54.
Note: All three of the medallists in this race beat the 2002 Nottingham Nat Champs record of 7-52.73.

Women's J16 1x final:
Results: Gold A Parker (Rob Roy) 8-48.60; silver K Warwick (Queen Elizabeth High Sch B) 8-57.56; bronze E Carter (Stratford upon Avon) 9-01.49; 4th F Steel (Queen Elizabeth High Sch A) 9-14.53; U Ambrose-Simpson (Norwich) 9-15.04; 6th C Peach (Lancaster John O'Gaunt) 9-31.18.

Women's J15 1x final:
Results: Gold J Spencer (Sudbury) 8-41.42; silver H Preston (Durham) 8-46.08; bronze B Stubbs (Canford) 8-51.55; 4th P Lucas (Eton Excelsior) 8-57.95; 5th N Price (Stourport) 9-00.04; 6th Z Thompson (RGS Worcester) 9-02.51.

Women's J14 1x final:
Results: Gold A Anderson (Lady Eleanor Holles) 9-00.43; silver P Neill (Peterborough City) 9-05.46; bronze C Bevan (Maidenhead) 9-14.72; 4th S Wedlake (Walton) 9-30.59; 5th G Barker (Trent) 9-36.47; 6th M Hunt (Northwich) 9-40.06.

Men's J16 2- final:
Results: Gold Tyne A 7-32.99; silver Tyne B 7-34.61; bronze RGS Worcester 7-41.86; 4th Tiffin Sch 7-50.86; 5th Queen Elizabeth High Sch 7-50.90; 6th King's Sch Worcester 8-42.53.

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