Message to European Universities 1997

The Rowing Service

Dear University contact,

On October 9th 1997 I received the message below from a Turkish rowing coach I have been in touch with before.

While I am keen to help him, I do not have the personal time to compile a long list of contacts for him to use. If your university would be interested in taking advantage of his offer, please contact him directly. Spread the word around your federations!.

Thanks a lot, Rachel Quarrell, administrator of the Rowing Service website.

Message from Ozgur Yazar,Head Rowing Coach of the Middle East Technical University (orta dogu teknik universitesi) in Ankara, Turkey.

dear sir
our university club is the winner of senior b cup in 1997. we are going toorginize a rowing race in our lake on february of 1998. we want to inviteuniversities from all around eurupe. please let universities know aboutthis subject in uk and europe.

if anybody interested in this subject please give my email or phones/faxto them to contact best regards, ozgur yazar.

ps: boats can be arranged (limited),details of categories will be decided due to demand,exact date will be decided due to most proper for allaccomodation will be sponsered.

tel: ++90 312 210 27 36
fax: ++90 312 210 12 22
mobile tel: ++90 532 277 60 04
orta dogu teknik universitesi, spor mudurlugu, inonu bulvari 06531,ankara /turkey.