Olympic Test Regatta, Day Two

The Rowing Service

From Michael Wilson.

Conditions remained excellent on Day 2 on the Olympic Test Regatta. The course is approx. 50 kms from Sydney, and about 30 kms from the main Olympic Site. A spectacular thunderstorm overnight and the usual cool early morning greeted the competitors and others for a series of repechages and semi finals.

M2X, 1 repechage, 3 to semi final.
The French crew of Guillaume Jeannet & Frederic Kowal (M2X 4th 99) took the lead from the start, also well out was the other French crew Laurent Ceresoli & Thibault Chapelle. The Italian crew of Lucia Vascotto & Alessandro Corana made a push in the second 500 to overtake the French crew of Ceresoli & Chapelle. The two crews to miss out on a semis birth were The local Aussie crew and the Singapore crew.

W2X, 2 repechages, 1st & 2nd to Final A
rep 1: The Chinese crew of Lin Liu & Xiuyun (W2X 2nd 99) started strongly leading all the way. The French crew of Sophie Balmary & Celiine Garcia (W2x 5th 99) made an effort on them in the third 500. France was in front by the 1500 but China continued to hang on. Both crews bow to bow ball with 400 meters to go. Both crews eased down heading towards the line with the French crew going over approx. half a length in front of the Chinese.
rep 2: This race was of interest to large New Zealand contingent present as in contained Sonia Waddel (W1X 5th 99) and her partner Carol Evers-Swindell. The New Zealanders lead off the start with the crew from Russia, Oxana Dorodnova & Larissa Merk both members of their Quad (W4X 3rd 99) hanging on. A further length back was the USA crew of Christine Collins & Sarah Garner (WL2X 2nd 99). In the middle 1000 it was developing into a very good race between the Russians and the New Zealanders with the USA not out of it. The crew from Russia went past the New Zealand boat with about 350 meters to go and the USA still trying to get up for second place about a length behind. Across the line Russia less than a canvas to New Zealand with US third.

MX1, 2 semi finals, 1st, 2nd & 3rd to Final A
semi 1: This was the faster of the two semi finals and saw the clash between Derek Porter, CAN, (M1X, 3rd 99) and Vaclav Chalupa, CZE (4th M1X 99). All six scullers started well, however as expected to two World Championship finalist started to pull away from the others. At the 500 meter mark Chalupa had about half a length lead over Porter. At the 600 meter mark Porter passed Chalupa, but both scullers looking relaxed on 28 strokes per minute. In the third 500 Chalupa lifts his rating slightly passing Porter, but its clear that Porter is beginning to row down. Coming to the line it is virtually a case who wants to win. Chalupa crosses the line first with Porter second. The other qualifier is Jamie Rowe from Queensland, Australia.
semi 2: The other semi final contained Nicola Sartori, ITL (M1X 6th 99), Yorghui Ciu, CHN and four Australian scullers including former Junior Medallist Martin Inglis and Australian Representative Craig Jones. Sartori had a poor start allowing the local scullers to get away. He apparently tried to jump the start, however the Agas start system (drop of a bow holding system) attributed to his poor start. Martin Inglis go the best of the start and at the 700 meter mark had clear water on the field. Sartori improved his position in the second 500 but nothing separated the first four. To the delight of all present Martin Inglis crossed the line first, with Sartori two lengths behind. The other final position went to Craig Jones, AUS

The breeze is beginning to freshen from the north, blowing across from Lane 6. The Jury have decided that it does not warrant a reallocation of lanes, however all races will be moved over two lanes as the course has 9 lanes.

W2- , 1 repechage, 1st, 2nd & 3rd to Final A
Sally Scovel & Lianne Nelson , USA were out to ensure a final places, following their disqualification yesterday for a boat weighing 800 grams light. They were never stretched during the race opening up a 3 lengths lead by the 400 meter mark and then rowing down at 24. The other two qualifiers were Emily Liddell & Nicola Dudley, NZL and Belinda Rowe Jenny Vesnaver, AUS. The USA crew should go well into tomorrows Final.

M2-, 2 Semi Finals, 1st, 2nd & 3rd to Final A
semi 1: This race was a clash of the lightweights. Catello Amarante & Salvatore Amitrano, ITA (ML4- 4th 99) came from behind to beat Laurent Porchier & Xavier Dorfman, FRA (ML4- 3rd 99). Jani Klemencic & Milan Jansa SLO lead early but faded in the third 500. With 500 metres to go nothing separated the first 5 crews. 300 meters to go and anyone of 5 crews can qualify for the final. With 100 meters to go the Amarante & Amitrano hang onto the slight lead they have established. Mattia Trombetta & Raffaello Leonardo, ITA (M8 6th 99) are passed by the French. It a very exciting race it is Amarante & Amitrano, ITA 1st; Porchier & Dorfman, FRA 2nd; Trombetta & Leonardo, ITA 3rd. In 4th place and missing out is the other half of the ITA ML4- Elia Luini & Carlo Gaddi. The SLO crew finished 5th, with two other members of the ITA eight in 6th. A very good race with the lead changing a number of times.
semi 2: This semi final had Oliver Martinov & Ninoslan Saraga CRO (M2- 3rd 99) and the Dario Lari & Pasquale Panzarino ITA (M2- 4th 99) as well as both pairs from the Denmark Lightweight Four. The Italians started well along with a flying start from Peter Murphy & Daniel Burke AUS. At the 500 meter mark Iain Brambell & Chris Davidson CAN (ML4- 6th 99) are also up there. The two Denmark pairs not starting as well as expected. At the 750 meter mark CRO start to play catch up. They come within one length of ITA. With 350 meters to go all crews lift their work. CAN start to fade and Thomas Ebert & Thomas Poulson DEN (ML4-) move into 3rd place. CRO really put the foot down and go past ITA who have lead from the start. . Across the line it is CRO, ITA and Ebert & Poulson DEN into Final A.

M2X, 2 Semi Finals, 1st, 2nd & 3rd to Final A
semi 1: Steffan Stoerseth & Olaf Tufte NOR got away well and lead the race to about 400 meters to go. Rossan Galtarssa & Alessio Sartori, ITA (M4X 7th 99) had a poor start and did not improve their position to the 1100 meter mark. With 350 to go the Italians pressed NOR and went pass them. The other qualifier was the Simone Raineri & Luca Ghezzi, ITA (M2X)
semi 2: There was much interest in the race as the New Zealand boat had Rob Waddell in the stroke seat. Nothing separated the six crews at 500 gone, but the concern was Michelangelo Crispi & Leonardo Pettinari, ITA (ML2X 1st 99) in 5th spot after a poor start. ITA had a mighty push in the second 500 to take the lead at the 900 meter mark. Also improving their position was Bertil Samuelson & Bo Kaliszan, DEN (M2X 6th 99) Within the last 500Ian McGowan & Nick Peterson, USA (M2X 9th 99) lifted their rate to go into 2nd place. The New Zealand crew faded badly and finished 4th. The qualifiers ITA, USA & DEN. The question is can the ITA lightweight crew beat the heavyweights in tomorrows final.

W1X, 1 repechage 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th to Final
Agnieszka Tomczak POL lead from the start to win this race. The best result however was Phuttharaksa Nikree of Thailand who after being in 3rd place for most of the race was just beaten into 4th but did qualify for tomorrows Final. Nikree is hoping to be back here next year for the Olympics.

Racing has concluded for the day. Conditions were again very good. A slight cross breeze required the lanes to be moved out. The athletes are more than happy with the setup. Racing was televised live for 2 hours this morning around Australia and will be done again tomorrow. As it is Finals day tomorrow they will also be testing the medal presentation process. Richard Curtin, Competition Manager Rowing has advised that ticket sales for the Olympics have been excellent with a sell out crowd of close to 40,000 people for 6 of the eight days.