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Information posted by Paul Child ofPeterborough Rowing Club. Contact him by email for further help or visit themain PCRC 1998 webpage for links to the results fromprevious years.

The Peterborough RC map (GIF file) may be of help in finding the club and regattas.

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Peterborough Regatta results 1998


Event                                 Winner                   TimeM.ELITE 8+           Furnival SC                                    01:22M.SEN.2 8+           Worcester RC                                   01:25M.SEN.3 8+           Thames RC                                      01:30M.SEN.4 8+           Worcester RC                                   01:31 NQW.ELITE 8+           Grosvenor RC                                   01:33W.SEN.2 8+           Grosvenor RC                                                                    01:36M.ELITE 4+           Worcester RC                                   01:28M.SEN.1 4+           Derby RC                                       01:31M.SEN.2 4+ (A)       Peterborough/Poplar Blackwall                  01:31M.SEN.2 4+ (B)       Old Collegians BC                              01:31M.SEN.3 4+           Peterborough City RC                           01:34M.SEN.4 4+           Wallingford RC                                 01:35M.NOV 4+             Staines/Strodes                                01:38W.ELITE 4+           Grosvenor RC                                   01:41W.SEN.1 4+           Lea RC                                         01:44W.SEN.2 4+           Twickenham RC                                  01:46W.SEN.3 4+           Nottingham & Union RC                          01:51W.NOV 4+             Wallingford RC                                                                    01:53M.SEN.2 4Sc          Worcester RC                                   01:24M.ELITE 2-           Staines BC                                     01:34M.SEN.2 2-           Staines BC                                     01:39W.ELITE 2-           Leicester RC                                   01:48 NQW.SEN.2 2-           Staines BC                                     01:52M.SEN.2 2Sc          St Neots/Bedford                               01:34M.SEN.3 2Sc          Reading Blue Coat Sch                          01:36W.SEN.2 2Sc          Sudbury RC                                     01:48W.SEN.3 2Sc          Peterborough City RC                           01:50W.JUN.15 2Sc         Star Club                                      01:54M.ELITE Sc           Kingston (Fraser)                              01:39 NQM.SEN.1 Sc           Nottingham (Wakeford)
                                                                    01:39M.SEN.2 Sc           Lea (Nash)                                     01:38M.SEN.3 Sc (A)       Thames (Blanchard)                             01:46M.SEN.3 Sc (B)       Peterborough (Harris)                          01:46M.NOV Sc             Kingston (Prince)                              01:46M.JUN.14 Sc          Peterborough (Truss)                           01:51W.SEN.2 Sc           Derby (Herbert)                                                                    01:56W.SEN.3 Sc           Army (Kirman)                                  01:57W.NOV Sc             Bedfordshire Schools (Finch)                   02:07NQ = Non Qualifying