Popular Rowing Links

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This is an occasionally-updated list of the links found on the Rowing Service and its satellite sites which are accessed hundreds of times a week.  There is no intention to list popular sites elsewhere as they are already linked to the Rowing Service: this is just a shortcut bookmark list.

  1. New Rowing Information, updated more or less daily
  2. The Geek Test and Hall Of Fame
  3. Surfing the Net
  4. The Internet Erg Challenge
  5. The rowing newsgroup
  6. Regatta MagazineOnline
  7. And the Regatta results list, UK and FISA.
  8. The UK Top Ten Notices and full UK notices index.
  9. WIRe website.
  10. Full list of club websites.
  11. And the World Page of Rowing Contacts.
  12. Club News from around the world.
  13. List of rowing companies.
  14. Miscellaneous bits and pieces I can't find any other place for....

  15. Personality Traits in an Eight, by Mike Sullivan.
  16. Blades of the World
  17. The Rowing FAQ
  18. both on other websites

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