BIRO athletes back in training

The Rowing Service

Released Thursday 29th October 1998.

Some of the International rowing athletes have returned early to training.

However, they are in training to become coaches, taking the Amateur RowingAssociation's Instructor's Award, under the expert eyes of Nigel Weare and Pat Lockley, RCDOs.

The athletes are preparing for life after Sydney, as well as putting somethingback into the sport whilst still at their peak, including the futurepossibility of working with the Sports Council's "Sporting Ambassadors"scheme.

Olympic champion MATTHEW PINSENT said at the first session, "We can beexpected to know everything, because of what we have done ourselves, and thatcan be frightening, unless we are trained properly".

Former world medallist RACHEL WOOLF commented, "This is so useful, I can't seewhy more people don't do it".

All agreed that holding a recognised governing body qualification wasimportant for their own future coaching.

The 10 athletes will be in action again on Friday 30th October, teachingbeginners the capsize drill at Oratory School near Reading.

On the course: