The 1999 Women's Eights Head of the River

The Rowing Service

Information from Rebecca Caroe.

The 1999 Women's Eights Head of the River Race will be held over thetraditional Mortlake to Putney course on the Tideway at 12.30pm on Saturday13th March, 1999.

Top racing crews will include the British and Dutch National Rowing teams -the British are split into two crews, each rowing for their clubs, MarlowRowing Club 'A' and Thames Rowing Club 'A' and starting first and second inthe race processional order. The Dutch are racing as a composite crew ofsix clubs but start at position number 166, as they are a new entry to theevent. They last visited London to race this event in 1996 in the run-up tothe Atlanta Olympics.

Top national clubs represented include Upper Thames RC, Kingston RC, TidewayScullers School, Thames Tradesmen's RC and Grosvenor RC. And BritishUniversities are well represented including Imperial College/Queens Tower,Bristol University and Newnham College Cambridge who start 28th.

For the first time the British Universities Students Association (BUSA)qualifying crews will race for their own trophies within the Head. Thereare two BUSA status levels, First Boat and Second Boat.

We welcome 17 foreign entries from Germany, Holland, Switzerland and Franceas well as one completely new club, the British Police Rowing Association.

A foretaste of other races can be had from the entries from Oxford andCambridge University women's squads. Oxford enter two lightweight crews(Senior 3 status: 200 and 211) and Cambridge have three crews (Crews 8, 17and 24 racing Senior 1,2,3). Their boat races are at Henley on Thames on28th March.

Copies of the start order will be available from the Head Races Websiteafter 8th March, 1999. ( since this link currently only holds the results from 1997, the start-order follows below here - Rowing Service)

STARTING ORDER WOMENS 8S HEAD 1999No.  Name                                 Award which could be won1  MARLOW RC A                                   E2  THAMES RC A                                   E3  KINGSTON RC A                                 S14  IMPERIAL COLLEGE/QUEENS TOWER BC A            S15  THAMES RC B                                   S16  UPPER THAMES RC                               E7  KINGSTON RC B                                 S28  CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY WBC A                    S19  UNIVERSITY OF LONDON WBC                      S110  BELVOIR RC A                                  E11  THAMES RC C                                   S112  THAMES TRADESMEN'S RC A                       S113  MARLOW RC B                                   S114  LEA RC A                                      S115  TIDEWAY SCULLERS SCHOOL A                     S116  THAMES RC D                                   E17  CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY WBC B                    S218  LADY ELEANOR HOLLES, THE BC                   SJ19  TIDEWAY SCULLERS SCHOOL B                     S220  BRISTOL UNIVERSITY BC                         S3 /21  GROSVENOR RC A                                S1 /22  AGEC/BFD/HNL/LDR/MDW/NTH ST/RNC/SH            S123  BENRATH RG                                    E24  CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY WBC C                    S325  VESTA RC A                                    S226  TEGEL RC                                      E27  LOUGHBOROUGH BC                               S2 /28  NEWNHAM COLLEGE BC (CAMBS) A                  S329  IMPERIAL COLLEGE/QUEENS TOWER BC B            S330  DURHAM UNIVERSITY WBC A                       S3 /31  BONNER RG/SIEBURGER RV A                      E32  THAMES RC E                                   S333  SONS OF THE THAMES RC A                       S134  OXFORD BROOKES UNIVERSITY BC A                S3 /35  NOTTINGHAM BC                                 S1 /36  HANSA DORTMUND VON 1898 RC                    E37  TWICKENHAM RC A                               S138  WALBROOK&ROYAL CANOE CLUB A                   V39  EMMANUEL BC (CAMBS) A                         N(U)40  BEDFORD RC                                    S3 /41  HABERDASHERS' MON SCH FOR GIRLS RC A          SJ42  ANGARIA HANNOVER RH                           E43  GLASGOW UNIVERSITY LBC A                      S3 /44  AVON COUNTY RC A                              S1 /45  THAMES TRADESMEN'S RC B                       E46  STAINES BC A                                  S147  WALLINGFORD RC                                S248  STAR RC A                                     S2 /49  QUEEN'S COLLEGE BC (CAMBS)                    S350  BURWAY RC A                                   S151  HENLEY RC                                     S252  LLANDAFF RC A                                 S1 /53  AGECROFT RC                                   S2 /54  NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY BC A                     S355  BEDFORD HIGH SCHOOL BC A                      SJ56  PEMBROKE COLLEGE BC (CAMBS)                   S357  BARNES BRIDGE LADIES RC A                     S258  NOTTINGHAM UNIVERSITY BC A                    S3 /59  VESTA RC B                                    S2 /60  MANCHESTER UNIVERSITY BC A                    S2 /61  OXFORD, CITY OF RC A                          S362  BROXBOURNE RC                                 S2 /63  YORK CITY RC                                  S1 /64  STAINES BC B                                  S265  FIRST&THIRD TRINITY BC (CAMBS)                N(U)66  CHRIST'S COLLEGE BC (CAMBS)                   N(U)67  AURIOL KENSINGTON RC A                        S268  MARLOW RC C                                   S269  KINGSTON GRAMMAR SCHOOL BC                    SJ70  AURIOL KENSINGTON RC B                        S271  NORWICH RC                                    S2 /72  MIDLAND BANK RC                               S273  NORTHWICH RC                                  S2 /74  DURHAM UNIVERSITY WBC B                       S3 /75  BOURNEMOUTH UNIVERSITY BC                     S376  FURNIVALL SCULLING CLUB A                     S277  ST CATHERINE'S COLLEGE BC (CAMBS)             N(U)78  EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY BC A                     S2 /79  LEEDS UNIVERSITY BC A                         S3 /80  UMDS BC A                                     S381  HABERDASHERS' MON SCH FOR GIRLS RC B          SJ82  TWICKENHAM RC B                               S183  CLARE COLLEGE BC (CAMBS)                      N(U)84  MAGDALENE COLLEGE BC (CAMBS)                  N(U)85  STAINES BC C                                  V86  BRISTOL, CITY OF BC A                         S3 /87  LIVERPL J MOOR UNIV/LIVERPL UNIV BC           S388  STRATFORD-UPON-AVON BC                        S3 /89  WEYBRIDGE RC                                  S290  LANCASTER UNIVERSITY BC                       S291  SUDBURY RC                                    S2 /92  CAMBRIDGE, CITY OF RC                         S3 /93  EMMANUEL BC (CAMBS) B                         N(U)94  JESUS COLLEGE (CAMBRIDGE) BC A                S395  UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF NW, BANGOR RC           N(U)96  ST PAUL'S GIRLS SCHOOL BC                     N(C)97  CAIUS BC (CAMBS)                              S398  GROSVENOR RC B                                N(C)/99  UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON WBC A               S3100  ARGO WSR E101  LEA RC B                                      S2102  CURLEW RC                                     S2103  READING UNIVERSITY BC A                       S3 /104  STAR RC B                                     S3 /105  ST HILD & ST BEDE COLL BC (DURHAM) A S3106  CORPUS CHRISTI RC (CAMBS)                     N(U)107  ETON EXCELSIOR RC                             S2108  UNIVERSITY COLLEGE (DURHAM) BC                S3109  OXFORD BROOKES UNIVERSITY BC B                S1110  CHURCHILL COLLEGE BC (CAMBS)                  N(U)111  BATH UNIVERSITY BC A N(U)/112  SOUTHAMPTON UNIVERSITY BC A                   N(U)113  AURIOL KENSINGTON RC C                        S2114  KINGSTON UNIVERSITY BC                        S3 /115  OXFORD, CITY OF RC B                          S3116  EAST ANGLIA, UNIVERSITY OF BC A               S3 /117  SHEFFIELD UNIVERSITY RC A                     S3 /118  NOTTINGHAM UNIVERSITY BC B                    N(U)/119  VESTA RC C                                    S3120  EXETER RC A                                   S1 /121  ST CUTHBERT'S SOCIETY BC (DURHAM)             N(U)122  HEREFORD RC                                   S1 /123  ROYAL FREE HOSPITAL BC                        S3124  EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY BC B                     N(U)/125  THAMES RC F                                   S3126  SIDNEY SUSSEX COLLEGE BC (CAMBS)              N(U)127  DOWNING COLLEGE BC (CAMBS)                    N(U)128  SONS OF THE THAMES RC B                       S3129  DEUTSCHE SPORTHOCHSCHULE KOLN                 E130  YORK, UNIVERSITY OF BC                        S3 /131  JESUS COLLEGE (CAMBRIDGE) BC B                S3132  ST BARTS& THE ROYAL LONDON HOSP BC A          N(U)133  NOTTINGHAM TRENT UNIVERSITY RC A              S3 /134  KING'S COLLEGE LONDON BC                      S3135  NATIONAL WESTMINSTER BANK RC                  S2136  UMDS BC B                                     N(U)137  NOTTINGHAM UNIVERSITY BC C                    S3 /138  LEA RC C                                      N(C)139  HOMERTON COLLEGE BC (CAMBS)                   N(U)140  ST GEORGE'S HOSPITAL MED SCH BC               S3141  PUTNEY TOWN RC                                S3142  SALFORD UNIVERSITY BC                         N(U)143  NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY BC B                     S3144  STRATHCLYDE UNIVERSITY BC S3145  ST HILD & ST BEDE COLL BC (DURHAM) B N(U)146  ABERDEEN BC S3147  LLANDAFF RC B                                 S3 /148  NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY BC C                     N(U)149  GLOUCESTER RC                                 SJ150  MORTLAKE ANGLIAN&ALPHA BC                     S3151  MANCHESTER UNIVERSITY BC B                    N(U)/152  WALBROOK&ROYAL CANOE CLUB B                   S2153  OXFORD, CITY OF RC C                          N(C)154  WORCESTER RC A                                S1 /155  LEEDS UNIVERSITY BC B                         N(U)/156  EAST ANGLIA, UNIVERSITY OF BC B               N(U)/157  UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON WBC B               N(U)158  UMDS BC C                                     N(U)159  BARNES BRIDGE LADIES RC B                     N(C)160  LOUGHBOROUGH STUDENTS RC A                    S2 /161  NANTES, UNIVERSITY OF BC                      E162  SHEFFIELD UNIVERSITY RC B                     N(U)/               2 min Gap before New entries start163  BADEN RC  E164  BAYER/GERMANIA/MULHEIMER                      E165  BELVOIR RC B                                  E166  BONNER RG/SIEBURGER RV B                      E167  KOLN, UNIVERSITAT ZU RR                       E168  NEREUS/PHOC/PROT/SK/VIK/WILLEM                E169  PHOCAS                                        E170  BELV/KING GRAM SCH/RB RY/VOSP/WALL            S1171  BEWDLEY RC A                                  S1 /172  CLYDESDALE ARC                                S1 /173  LEICESTER/ NEWARK RC                          S1174  MOLESEY BC A                                  S1175  NOTTINGHAMSHIRE COUNTY ROWING ASSN            S1176  THAMES RC H                                   S1177  DERWENT RC/LEICESTER RC/NOTTS&UNION           V178  UNIV COLL LONDON WBC/WALLINGFORD RC           V179  AVON COUNTY RC B                              S2 /180  BRISTOL, CITY OF BC B                         S2 /181  BRITISH POLICE ROWING ASSOCIATION             S2182  CHRISTCHURCH RC                               S2 /183  DERBY/NOTTINGHAM BRIT/NOTTS&UNION             S2184  FREE PRESS/ROB ROY BC                         S2185  FURNIVALL SCULLING CLUB B                     S2186  MIDLAND BANK/NAT WEST BANK RC                 S2187  PENGWERN BC  S2 /188  ROYAL NAVY RC                                 S2189  BATH UNIVERSITY/BRISTOL UNIV BC               S3190  BIRMINGHAM RC/BIRMINGHAM, UN OF BC            S3191  BURWAY RC B                                   S3192  CANTABRIGIAN RC/FREE PRESS BC                 S3193  DART-TOTNES ARC                               S3 /194  DARWIN COLLEGE BC (CAMBS)                          S3195  DEMONTFORT UNI (LEIC)BC/LEICSTR RC            S3196  EVESHAM RC                                    S3 /197  HATFIELD COLLEGE BC (DURHAM)                  S3198  LADY MARGARET BC (CAMBS) A                    S3199  MAIDSTONE INVICTA RC                          S3 /200  MARLOW RC D                                   S3201  MOLESEY BC B                                  S3202  OXFORD UNIVERSITY WLBC A                      S3203  QUEEN MARY & WESTFIELD COL BC S3204  QUEEN'S COLLEGE BC (OXF)                      S3205  SOMERVILLE COLLEGE BC (OXF)                   S3206  SOUTHSEA RC                                   S3 /207  ST AIDAN'S COLLEGE BC (DURHAM)                S3208  ST ANDREW BC A                                S3209  ST EDMUND HALL BC (OXF)                       S3210  VAN MILDERT BC (DURHAM)                       S3211  WALBROOK&ROYAL CANOE CLUB C                   S3212  WARWICK, UNIVERSITY OF BC A                   S3213  OXFORD UNIVERSITY WLBC B                      S3214  BEDFORD HIGH SCHOOL BC B                      SJ215  BEDFORD STAR/PETERBOROUGH CITY RC             SJ216  BRYANSTON SCHOOL BC                           SJ217  METHODIST COLLEGE RC (BELFAST)                SJ218  BATH UNIVERSITY BC B N(U)/219  BEWDLEY RC B                                  N(C)/220  ESSEX, UNIVERSITY OF BC                       N(U)/221  EXETER RC B                                   N(C)/222  GLASGOW UNIVERSITY LBC B                      N(U)/223  KING'S COLL LOND BC/UNIV C LOND WBC           N(U)224  LADY MARGARET BC (CAMBS) B                    N(U)225  LLANDAFF RC C                                 N(C)/226  LOUGHBOROUGH STUDENTS RC B                    N(U)/227  MANCHESTER UNIVERSITY BC C                    N(U)228  NEW HALL BC (CAMBS)                           N(U)229  NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY BC D                     N(U)230  NEWNHAM COLLEGE BC (CAMBS) B                  N(U)231  NOTTINGHAM TRENT UNIVERSITY RC B              N(U)232  OXFORD BROOKES UNIVERSITY BC C                N(U)/233  READING UNIVERSITY BC B                       N(U)/234  SHEFFIELD HALLAM UNIVERSITY RC                N(U)/235  SOUTHAMPTON UNIVERSITY BC B                   N(U)236  ST ANDREW BC B                                N(C)237  ST BARTS& THE ROYAL LONDON HOSP BC B          N(U)238  ST HILD & ST BEDE COLL BC (DURHAM) C N(U)239  STAR RC C                                     N(C)/240  THAMES RC G                                   N(C)241  THAMES TRADESMEN'S RC C                       N(C)242  TWICKENHAM RC C                               N(C)243  VESTA RC D                                    N(C)244  WALTON RC                                     N(C)245  WARWICK, UNIVERSITY OF BC B                   N(U)246  WOLFSON COLLEGE BC (CAMBS)                    N(U)247  WORCESTER RC B                                N(C)/248  TWICKENHAM RC D                               N(C)