Wycliffe SBH 1997 results

The Rowing Service

The results are given as scanned-in TIFF files from the official printout.Most of the files are around 40 Kb large. They aren't brilliant resolution, as they are scanned from a fax, but they should be readable to those who competed and therefore know who they were up against.

Provided by Phil Meek via the organisers.

Results index

  1. Victor Ludorum points table.

  2. First page, 4+ for MO, MS2, MS1, MJ18, MS3, MS4: 2x for MJ16, MS3, first line of MS2: 2- for MS1: 4x+ for MJ16
  3. Second page, 2x for MO, rest of MS2, MJ18, MS1: 4+ for MN, MJ16: 1x forMJ18, MO, MVetA, MJ15, start of MS2: 2- for MS3
  4. Third page, 1x for MS3, MJ16 start, MVetC, rest of MS2, MN: 2x for WS3, WS2, WS1: 4x for WS2: 4+ for WS1: 4x+ for MJ15
  5. Fourth page, 1x for MJ16 rest, MVetB: 4+ for WS2, MixS3, WO, WS3 start,WJ18: 2x for MJ15, MN, MixS3: 4x for WJ18
  6. Fifth page, 4+ for WS3 rest, WN, MixN: 2x for WJ16, WJ15, WJ18: 1x for WO, WS1, WS2, WJ15, WN start
  7. Sixth page, 1x for WN rest, WS3, WJ14, WJ18, MJ14, MJ13, WJ16, MVetH: 2x for WN, MJ14: 4x+ for MJ14, WJ14