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     A transition metal borylene

     complex stabilized by a non-

     carbonyl ligand set: formation

     by spontaneous halide loss to

     give an extremely short metal-

     -boron bond (video).

     (work by David Addy)








Listed below is a selection of published papers from 2009 (see ‘further links’ for other years and S. Aldridge CV – under ‘group members’ – for full publication list). Click on the relevant citations for links to the electronic versions of the article.


Facile syntheses of dissymmetric ferrocene-functionalized Lewis acids and acid-base pairs.

I.R. Morgan, A. Di Paolo, D. Vidovic, I.A. Fallis, S. Aldridge.

Chem. Commun. 2009, 7288-7290.


Amidinato and guanidinato cobalt(I) complexes: characterization of exceptionally short but weakly bonded Co···Co interactions (ca. 2.14 Å).

C. Jones, C. Schulten, R.P. Rose, A. Stasch, S. Aldridge, W.D. Woodul, K.S. Murray, B. Moubaraki, M. Brynda, G. La Macchia, L. Gagliardi.

Angew. Chem., Int. Ed. 2009, 48, 7406-7410.


Sterically encumbered iridium bis(N-heterocyclic carbene) systems: Multiple C-H

Activation processes and isomeric normal/abnormal carbene complexes

C.Y. Tang, W. Smith, D. Vidovic, A.L. Thompson, A.B. Chaplin and S. Aldridge.

Organometallics 2009, 28, 3059-3066.


Half-sandwich group 8 borylene complexes: synthetic and structural studies,

and oxygen atom abstraction chemistry.

G.A. Pierce, D. Vidovic, D.L. Kays, N.D. Coombs, A.L. Thompson, E.D. Jemmis,

S.De and S. Aldridge.

Organometallics 2009, 28, 2947-2960.


Coordination and Activation of the BF Molecule.

D. Vidovic and S. Aldridge.

Angew. Chem., Int. Ed. 2009, 48, 3669-3672.


Structures and Aggregation of the Methylamine-Borane Molecules MenH3-nN.BH3 (n = 1-3), Studied by X-ray Diffraction, Gas-phase Electron Diffraction, and Quantum Chemical Calculations.

S. Aldridge, A.J. Downs, C.Y. Tang, S. Parsons, M.C. Clarke, R.D.L. Johnstone, H.E. Robertson, D.W.H. Rankin and D.A. Wann.

J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2009, 131, 2231-2243.







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