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     New Chemistry




     A transition metal borylene

     complex stabilized by a non-

     carbonyl ligand set: formation

     by spontaneous halide loss to

     give an extremely short metal-

     -boron bond (video).

     (work by David Addy)






Archived News (Spring 2010)


Dr Aldridge has been awarded the 2010 Royal Society of Chemistry award for Main Group Chemistry, a prize awarded by the RSC since 1970 to recognize outstanding research in any aspect of the chemistry of the s and p block elements.


Post-doctoral co-worker Drasko Vidovic’s work on transition metal complexes containing the BF ligand has been the subject of a highlight article in Angew. Chem., Int. Ed. Christina Tang’s recent paper in Angew. Chem., Int. Ed. has been selected by the editors as a ‘hot article.’


Dr Aldridge has been invited to give talks at upcoming meetings in the US: SW regional ACS meeting (New Orleans, December 2010), Pacifichem 2010 meeting (Honolulu, December 2010) and in Europe: 5th European Conference on Boron Chemistry (Edinburgh, August 2010), RSEQ Biennial Meeting (Valencia, July 2011).


An invited paper in New J. Chem. featuring contributions from former Part 2 students Phil Fitzpatrick and Cally Haynes has been selected as a ‘hot article’.


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     RSC Main group Chemistry award


     Drasko Vidovic’s original article


     and the highlight in Angew. Chem.


     Christina Tang’s hot paper in

     Angew. Chem., Int. Ed.


     Phil and Cally’s hot article in New J.



     Pacifichem 2010 - Hawaii


     Euroboron 5 - Edinburgh


     Earlier archived news









     Comparative binding of fluoride and

     cyanide ions by air-stable triaryl-

     boranes (from invited paper recently

     accepted by New J. Chem.)