Group Members (2014-2015)



Post-doctoral associates: Andrey Protchenko, Evgeny Kolychev, Arnab Rit, Zhenbo Mo and Jesus Campos;


Graduate students: Joe Abdalla, Rémi Tirfoin, Raihan Musa, Alexa Caise, Lilja Kristinsdóttir, Haoyu Niu and Do Dinh Cao Huan


Visiting students: Wiebke Unkrig (from Freiburg), Sophia Boden (from Düsseldorf), Terry Hadlington (from Monash)


Part 2 (final year project) students: Matt Usher, Mao Isobe, Rob Mangan and Ali Knights


Mike Kelly recently became the 16th group member to submit his/her thesis.


Further details of current group members can be obtained through the links:

Prof Aldridge, post-doctoral research associates, graduate students, visitors, Part 2 students.


Former group members from both Oxford and Cardiff:

Former post-docs, former graduate students, former visitors, former project students.


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Last update: 21/10/2014

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