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     New Chemistry




     A transition metal borylene

     complex stabilized by a non-

     carbonyl ligand set: formation

     by spontaneous halide loss to

     give an extremely short metal-

     -boron bond (video).

     (work by David Addy)






Current Group


The current group (2011/12) numbers fourteen: two post-doctoral research associates, seven doctoral students, one visiting student and four Part 2 project students.


Post-doctoral Research Associates and Academic Visitors


Dr Andrey Protchenko. Andrey was born in Russia and is a graduate from Moscow State University. He completed his PhD with Prof Michail Bochkarev in Nizhny Novgorod and conducted post-doctoral studies with Prof Michael Lappert on the chemistry of lanthanide complexes in non-common oxidation states such as +2 for La and +4 for Ce. He joined the Aldridge group in September 2009, and now is working on the chemistry boryl complexes of Group 3 and lanthanide metals in collaboration with Profs Phillip Mountford and Cameron Jones.


Dr Joshua Bates was born in Los Angeles, USA, but spent most of his formative years in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. He acquired his B.Sc. Engineering Chemistry with Professional Internship degree from Queen's University (Kingston, Ontario) in 2004. This included a 16 month stint working for DuPont of Canada in their fuel cell division; his honours project work was done with Prof. Mike Baird. His PhD studies with Prof. Derek Gates at the University of British Columbia were focused on the reactivity of phosphaalkenes: reactions with electrophiles giving novel cyclic cationic heterocycles (see, for example, see JACS 2006) and reactions with NHCs giving novel phosphine-functionalized NHCs (Angew. 2009). Josh’s is currently an NSERC-funded post-doctoral research associate; his research interests are in the areas of anionic boryl and neutral borylene systems.


Erkan Fircini was born in Turkey. He obtained both his B.Sc. (2006) and M.Sc. (2008) degrees from Adnan Menderes University in Aydin. He is currently studying his PhD with Prof. Yuksel Sahin. His research interests are in the design and synthesis of heterocyclic compounds containing boron atoms, bora-metallocenes, boron-metal complexes and aminodiboranes. He joined the Aldridge group on a visiting doctoral student fellowship, funded by TUBITAK. His research project concerns the synthesis of boron-containing analogues of widely exploited organometallic ligands.







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    Christmas dinner 2010:

    Sian, Nick and Ian at Pierre Victoire



    Niagara Falls 2011:

    Simon, Nick and Dave at the Niagara

    Falls IMEBORON meeting