Former Group Members – Cardiff Doctoral Students (former Oxford students here)



Dr Richard Calder (Cardiff, 2002). Rich was the first PhD student to graduate from the group and got the transition metal boryl project started. Some of his work in the area can be found here.


Dr Deborah Kays, née Coombs (Cardiff, 2003). Debs was instrumental in getting the borylene project going. She is now on the faculty in Nottingham and is a budding film star on YouTube.


Dr Andrea Rossin (Cardiff, 2004) worked on a joint experimental/theoretical project and after a PDRA with Agusti Lledos, now works at the ICCOM-CNR in Florence on hydrogen storage.


Dr Amal Al-Fawaz (Cardiff, 2004) came from Saudi Arabia, where she returned to take up a faculty position at King Saud University. Her work concerned perfluoroarylboryl systems.


Dr Chris Bresner (Cardiff, 2005). Chris remains the longest serving member of the group and now works at Purolite International. His sterling efforts (here) got the sensor project off the ground.


Dr Natalie Bunn (Cardiff, 2005). Natalie started her PhD in 2002 after completing her final year UG project with us. She started the gallium-based ligands project and now teaches in Australia.


Dr Rebecca Baghurst (Cardiff, 2005) worked on a Synetix (latterly JM) sponsored project on transition metal complex synthesis and catalysis. Some of her work can be found here.


Dr Joanna Day (Cardiff, 2008). Jo worked in both Cardiff and Oxford on Lewis acids/sensors, graduating in May 2008. Some of her work featured on the cover of Inorganic Chemistry.


Dr Natalie Coombs (Cardiff, 2008) was the last of the group to submit her thesis in Cardiff (Sept 2008). Aspects of her work were the basis of a highlight article in Angewandte Chemie.










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