Papers from former group members René Frank and Rémi Tirfoin accepted for publication in Angewandte Chemie and Chemistry - a European Journal, respectively. René’s paper examines mechanistic aspects of base-metal mediated borylation, while Rémi’s reports on the design of colorimetric indenyl-based receptors for fluoride.


Joe Abdalla and Remi Tirfoin become the 17th and 18th doctoral students to graduate from the Aldridge group (since the first in 2002), and the 8th/9th since the group’s relocation to Oxford in 2007. Joe’s thesis involved Investigation of E-H bond activation processes involving gallium and aluminium, aspects of which can be found here, and was defended shortly after a similarly successful stint in the Isis boat race crew. Remi’s work involved Anion and neutral molecule recognition by electron deficient boranes and after a short spell in the US, he is intending to start post-doctoral work over the summer.


Prof Aldridge to give plenary lecture to the IRIS main group chemistry meeting in Regensburg and invited keynote lecture to the ICOMC meeting in Melbourne.

















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