Simon Aldridge (complete publication list here; fuller CV here)



07/2014: Distinguished Visiting Lecturer, Hong Kong Baptist University.

07/2012 – 12/2012: University Visiting Professor, Monash University, Melbourne.

2010 RSC Main Group Chemistry Award

2009 RSC Dalton Transactions European Lectureship


Employment history

10/2010 – date: Professor of Main Group Chemistry, University of Oxford, and Fellow and Tutor for Graduates, The Queen’s College.

01/2007 – 09/2010: University Lecturer, Inorganic Chemistry, Oxford and Fellow of The Queen’s College.

08/1998 – 12/2006: School of Chemistry, Cardiff University. Senior lecturer from 2005. Co-founder and Director Centre for Fundamental and Applied Main Group Chemistry.

12/1997 – 07/1998: Post-doctoral research associate, Imperial College, London (with Prof Mike Mingos FRS).

03/1998 – 11/1997: Fulbright Scholar and post-doctoral research associate, University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA (with Prof Tom Fehlner).

10/1992 – 03/1996: DPhil student, Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory, Oxford (with Prof Tony Downs). Main group organometallic and hydride chemistry (thesis: ‘Studies of Some Volatile Compounds of Main Group Elements,’ submitted Dec 1995).










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