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Oxfordshire Schools Quiz League

NOTE: The Oxfordshire Schools Quiz League no longer exists. Therefore, the information on this page is no longer applicable; however, it has been left here for reference purposes. The Society hopes to revisit this project in the future.

We at OUQS are particularly excited about a new project for the fall of 2011 to bring quizbowl to local schools. For many years, students in the United Kingdom have been able to compete in the annual Schools Challenge tournament, but aside from that quizbowl has not had a sustained presence below the college level. We aim to rectify that absence at least in Oxfordshire by starting a local quiz competition called the Oxfordshire Schools Quiz League.

We are currently recruiting teams from the Oxford area to be in our league. This process involves lots of phone calls and e-mails out of the blue and isn't always the most efficient way to get teams interested, but so far we have been very successful and we have enough teams signed up to make the league happen. If your school is not yet involved, please e-mail [Kyle Haddad-Fonda] very soon to express interest.

Our goal is to get at least eight local schools involved in the league. Each week, starting in October, teams will arrange one game against a rival school according to a schedule we will create in advance. We will then provide questions and, if necessary, a buzzer system for the game to take place. Afterwards, we will record the results on this website so that participants (and their fans) can follow the league standings week after week. At the end of the season, the top four teams will come to Oxford one evening (presumably in late November) for semifinals and finals to crown the league champion.

Our league is aimed at students in the 15-18 age range. The questions will be written so that they are answerable by most teams (in other words, they will be very easy) and so that they will reflect topics generally covered on school curricula. Several of the OUQS members involved in writing the questions for the league have experience writing for introductory-level American high school tournaments, so we expect that the questions will be of very high quality.

The format of our games will be exactly like the format of the British Student Quiz Championships and very much like University Challenge, with teams competing to buzz in on tossups in order to earn the right to answer a bonus. Each team can field four players at a time. We expect that each game will take about half an our to play. Full rules for the competition can be found here, and a sample question packet can be found here.

We are hoping to charge £20 to teams in our league so that we can make some money off of writing the questions and cover the costs of prizes and other expenses. At the same time, we understand that the budgets of many schools, especially schools that receive state funding, have been decimated in recent years. As a result, we are quite happy to let any school that cannot find room in its budget to spend £20 on a new extracurricular activity to play in our league for free.

One of the advantages of producing the questions for this league is that they can be used anywhere, even outside of Oxfordshire, at no marginal cost to us. If you would like to arrange to use our questions at another tournament in the United Kingdom, please contact us. We would be happy to use this website to maintain standings for another league somewhere else in the country if you would like to start one in your area. Alternatively, if you would like to run a one-day tournament, then we can arrange to do that as well. It seems likely that our questions will be used at an upcoming event in Brighton and, we hope, in other places as well.