Conference Description

The axiomatic theory of truth is an interdisciplinary subject of philosophy and mathematical logic (proof theory in particular).  The subject is relatively young but have been vigorously developping in recent two decades. 

The conference, "Axiomatic Theories of Truth" (Oxford, Sep 19-20, 2011) aims at bringing experts together both from philosophy and mathematical logic and presenting recent researches and results in the area. 

The conference consists of 10 invited talks each of which is 50 minutes long.  Our invited speakers and the titles of their talks (TBA) are:

  • Riccardo Bruni (Florence, Italy) 
  • Andrea Cantini (Florence, Italy)
  • Cezary Cieśliński (Warsaw, Poland)
  • Sebastian Eberhard (Bern, Switzerland)
  • Martin Fischer (Munich, Germany)
  • Kentaro Fujimoto (Oxford, UK)
  • Leon Horsten (Bristol, UK)
  • Jeff Ketland (Munich, Germany)
  • Graham Leigh (Oxford, UK)
  • Thomas Strahm (Bern, Switzerland)
We welcome participations from any related areas and hope for fruitful interactions and discussions with speakers.   There is no registration fee, and to register please contact Kentaro Fujimoto by August 31st, 2011.