The Season 17 OUCS Batweeks Cup

Group Round Fixtures

Date Home Away Venue Result
19/09/2010 Rochford Royals Carpo's Clangers Rochford Royals CG Carpo's Clangers (338/2) beat Rochford Royals (294/5*) by 44 runs
26/09/2010 Carpo's Clangers Markford Oxons The Parks Carpo's Clangers (288/3) beat Markford Oxons (263/3) by 25 runs
03/10/2010 Markford Oxons Rochford Royals JD Weatherspoons Bowl Markford Oxons (284/4) beat Rochford Royals (255**) by 29 runs
24/10/2010 Rochford Royals Markford Oxons Rochford Royals CG Markford Oxons (278/4) beat Rochford Royals (235/9) by 43 runs
31/10/2010 Markford Oxons Carpo's Clangers JD Weatherspoons Bowl Markford Oxons (260/0 after 17.2 overs***) beat Carpo's Clangers (256/4) by 10 wickets
07/11/2010 Carpo's Clangers Rochford Royals The Parks

* - Side awarded 10 penalty runs.

** - Side awarded 20 penalty runs.

*** - Side awarded 160 penalty runs


1 Markford Oxons 4 3 0 1 12 6.47 5.17 1.30
2 Carpo's Clangers 3 2 0 1 8 5.88 6.96 -1.08
3 Rochford Royals 3 0 0 3 0 5.23 6.00 -0.77

Final Round Fixtures

Round Date Home Away Venue Result
Final 21/11/2010 1st Placed Team 2nd Placed Team 1st Placed Teams Ground


50 overs a side. Four points for a win. Two points each for a tie, Zero points for a loss.

Each team to play once home, once away.

Teams ranked on : Points, net run rate, 6's, 4's.

Matches should be organised by the home team. If one team cannot play then that team will forfeit the match. The first time this happens they will be given a warning and any further occasions they will be docked four points. A match will be rearranged automatically to the next available sunday if a team is still in the Battrick Cup or match can be rearranged at the agreement of both teams.

In every game there will be a points cap system. The maximum number of Batrick Rating points allowed per team is 100,000. If a team goes over that, then the following penalty will apply:

If the offending team bats first, then the non-offending team will be awarded 10 runs for every 1000 points (or part thereof) over the limit. So 100,001-101,000 = 10 penalty runs, 101,001-102,000 = 20 penalty runs etc.

If the offending teams bats second, then the offending team will have there overs reduced for 2 overs for every 1000 points (or part thereof) over the limit. So 100,001-101,000 = 2 overs deduced, 101,001-102,000 = 4 overs deduced, etc.

If a player has already played in the competition then signs for another club then they are considered cup-tied and cannot play in any future matches in the tournament.

Final to be held between the top two teams, side ranked 1st will be at home (unless they want to swap). Both teams must agree to a pitch type.