Setting up Herald Email on a Symbian S60 3rd Revision Handset

I will eventually get around to putting this on the proper OUCS website with pictures but for now:

Italics mean it's a button to press. Bold means that you need to input something into the phone.

Menu --> Communication --> Messaging

Options --> Settings


Options --> New Mailbox



Email address:

Password: SSO password

Select access point: Whichever you normally use for accessing the internet.

Username: SSO Username

Unable to define email account will appear, that's normal.

Select POP3/IMAP4


Mailbox type : Select IMAP4 (Note this is probably the most important

setting in the whole setup, DO NOT SET IT AS POP, or you run the risk of

downloading your entire mailbox to your phone and deleting the emails of

the server.

Incoming mail server:

Security: StartTLS

Outgoing mail server:

Security: StartTLS

Port: 587