Installing SPSS 19 for Linux


This guide was written using Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick). SPSS also have an instruction guide for this @ License Installation Instructions.pdf

This guide is very Ubuntu-centric. I'm afraid I don't have much experience with other distrubtions, but hopefully these can be adapted somewhat for your platform.

Installing Required Packages

Open up a terminal and type:

sudo apt-get install libstdc++5

If you are not using Ubuntu, this step either may not be required or an equivalent command may be required.

Installing from the DVD

Insert the DVD into your DVD drive then open a terminal window. At the terminal, switch to the DVD mount point. On my system this was /media/SPSSStatistics/ so running the command:

cd /media/SPSSStatistics/

Switched me to the correct directory. In Ubuntu the CD automounts with permissions to execute binary files. If you are using another distribution and are having problems with this, then copy the files from the CD to the Harddrive.

At the terminal now type:

sudo ./Linux/setup.bin

This will now begin the graphical installer. Follow the instructions on the screen to install the programme.

A few notes about this process. You must be root to install this, and you will want to change the username to something better (usually your full name) when prompted. If you chose to copy the files across from the CD then you may have to run the command chmod +x setup.bin from within the install directory to flag this filles as an executable.

Using the License Authorization Wizard to activate SPSS

After the installation process the Authorization Wizard will automatically run. You need to select that you are activating a site license, then enter the number that is included on the piece of paper that you got with the DVD.

It will then ask you for the license key, which is also on the piece of paper or at Use the Windows keys for now, until a Linux section is added.

After it successfully activates, you can now run SPSS.

Should you want to run this manually in the future, you can do so by opening a terminal and running:


Running SPSS/Setting up Links

SPSS now can be run by in a terminal typing:


The SPSS installer will not set up any links for the program on any distribution, and if you are going to be using it a lot, you probably will want to set up a link in the menu for it. In Ubuntu/Other distributions running GNOME, right click on Applications then click on Edit Menus. Find a suitable category that you want to put SPSS in, then click on New Item. Under name put SPSS. Under command put /opt/IBM/SPSS/Statistics/19/bin/stats and leave the comment blank.

If you want to create one for the Activation Wizard (as you will have to run this once every year) do the same except in the command put /opt/IBM/SPSS/Statistics/19/bin/licensewizard