Setting up a VPN connection using VPNC using Linux (i.e on an Acer Aspire One)

Configuring VPNC (to be done once)

Go into My Documents and then File -- > Terminal to bring the terminal up...
then type in:

sudo yum install vpnc
sudo mousepad /etc/vpnc/oxford.conf

Enter the following into the text editor that opens:

IPSec gateway
IPSec ID oxford
IPSec secret osiris
Xauth username <username>
(your Oxford username)
Xauth password <password>
(your remote access password)

Save and close mousepad

Download and place it into the directory:

then go back to the terminal and type in:

sudo depmod

That's it set up.

Running VPNC (must be done every session)

Firstly, ensure that the machine is connected to OWL or has another solid network connection:

Then, open up the terminal as before and type
sudo vpnc oxford

If it drops out suddenly, one little hack is that you can type:
sudo vpnc oxford --local-port 0

which seems to work when the usual one doesn't.