Robin L. D. Rees
National Rail Enquiry Service

Rail Business Awards 2001
Savoy Hotel
20 February 2002


The National Rail Enquiry Service, launched in 1996, enjoyed its best year in 2001 in terms of its levels of call answering, accuracy of information and customer satisfaction.

The year started with great uncertainty following the traumas of autumn 2000, and the visibility of the service and the value of the information given out reached their peak as the rail industry struggled to return to normal. Determined to learn the lessons that emerged during the crisis, the service launched a number of initiatives, including the adoption of an information database to complement the core journey-planning systems, improved flexibility in the distribution of calls, and enhanced contingency arrangements.

The service has also developed the National Rail Internet site, now receiving more than five million visitors per annum, a major development being the Real Time Train Running Information service launched for 350 major stations in December 2001.

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