Robin L. D. Rees
Earlier Career (1965–1984)

1982–1984 Training Manager, LMR Computing, Maidenhead: reporting to MD, responsible for training customers and staff in office-management products, also for writing and managing documentation.
1982–1984Evening Lecturer, Marlow Adult Continuing Education Centre: First Steps in IT.
1978–1982 Senior Analyst, Imperial College Computer Centre, London: responsible for systems work on the mainframe, developing a text-processor and writing programs on early microcomputers.
1977–1978 Editor, Infotech, Maidenhead: editing the State of the Art Computing Reports, and co-ordinating the associated conferences.
1976–1977 Development Officer (Physics), National Development Programme in Computer-Assisted Learning, University College London and the University of Surrey.
1974–1976 Computer Analyst, Sperry Univac, London: member of pre-sales team, matching computer configuration to customers’ workload requirements.
1974 Senior Programmer, London University Computing Service: a commercial bureau, specialising in training.
1973 Programmer, Halcrow and Partners, London: writing software to transfer the firm’s accounting systems to a new bureau.
1968–1972 During the period of research for my MPhil degree, I held various part-time teaching and tutorial appointments including St Benedict’s Senior School, Ealing (1979–70) and Radley College (1971–72).
1965 Clerk, Chief Mechanical & Electrical Engineer’s Office, British Rail, Paddington.

1984–1996: Oxford University
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