Robin L. D. Rees

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Technical Consultant: National Rail Enquiries
Association of Train Operating Companies

  • Compiling and testing 70,000 cells of Excel data to provide route information on the Live Departure Boards pages of the National Rail website. Clearly it was essential that at no time was incorrect information being displayed to the public.
  • Subsequent ongoing data maintenance to reflect timetable changes.

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*  Since 2005 I have been reporting to Thales, the company now contracted to manage all aspects of Live Departure Boards.


Live Departure Boards is the world’s first real-time on-line information service, unifying information from multiple train operators. Covering all 2,500 stations, it allows passengers at any time to find out whether a train is on schedule.

‘An extremely powerful (entry), a breakthrough so significant that other world operators are expressing interest in adopting it themselves…This innovation is a triumph of industry-wide diplomacy and negotiation, overlaid with exceptional IT organising skill.’
Judges’ Report: National Rail Awards

2001–2004: National Rail (1)
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