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Robin L. D. Rees

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Oxford University Computing Services Newsletter 52–166 (Ed.), 1984–96: Editorials.

Weary And Ill At Ease: A Survey of Clergy and Organists; Gracewing, ISBN 085244-231-9 (1993), 202 pages. To date, more than 1200 copies sold.

‘Survey of Satisfaction’ [invited article in a periodic church-music feature]; Methodist Recorder, No. 7093, 25 November 1993, p. 18.

‘Clergy Response Rates to Work-Related Questionnaires: A Relationship Between Age, Work Load and Burnout?’; Social Behavior and Personality 19, No. 1 (1991), pp. 45–51.§

‘A Survey of the Role of Music in Worship: Some Preliminary Findings’; A Better Country (Journal of the Rural Theology Association) 23 (1990), pp. 20–23. (This paper was presented in 1989 to a working party of the Archbishops’ Commission on Rural Areas.)

‘Involving Micros in Education’; CALNews 20 (1982), p. 10.

ADNDA: An Integrated Accounting System (editor); LMR Computer Services, ISBN 0-906168-04-X (1982), 97 pages.


‘Two Years with St Hugh’; Musical Opinion 104, No. 1237 (1980), p. 63.

United Kingdom Universities CDC Algol68 User’s Guide; University of London Computer Centre (1979).§

Performance Modelling and Prediction; Infotech, ISBN 8553-9410-2 (1978), 706 pages.

Software Reliability; Infotech, ISBN 8553-9380-7 (1977), 716 pages.

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‘Seasonal Anomaly in Ionospheric Radio Wave Absorption’; Nature 243, No. 129 (1973), pp. 112–113.§

§ Joint author

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