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Welcome to the web news/discussion group of the Saint Hugh Singers. Please feel free to send an email to initiate discussion on any item relating to St Hugh. In general I will try to post messages within 72 hours of their arrival.


Contents last updated 30 December 2007.

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  • 30/12

    From your webmaster

    Sorry for such a delay in updating the news/discussion page.

    You should by now have received the invitation to sing at Rochester Cathedral during the weekend of Friday 28 to Sunday 30 March 2008. Please note especially Joyce's request:

    Apologies for the short timescales this year, but we will need your registration form and remittance returned by post to Hilary by 7 January at the latest.

    Please make a preliminary note too of the fact that in 2009 we will be singing at York Minster during the weekend of Friday 4 to Sunday 6 September 2009.

    In the meantime, a happy New Year to you all, and read on....


    Evaluation of the Worcester weekend

    As ever it has taken me a disproportionate amount of time to get around to reporting the outcome of the last weekend's questionnaire – especially since you were all so good in terms of responding quickly.

    It was a pleasure to read the responses though – all of you had far more on the 'high points' than the 'low points'! Clearly Peter Leech was a great hit as a Director with many superlatives flying his way including:

  • 'one of the best Directors we have had';
  • 'he must come again';
  • 'informative';
  • committed, stimulating';
  • 'extremely sound musically';
  • 'enthusiasm and insight'.
  • I'm sure Joyce will relay this back to Peter who will be suitably pleased and not a little embarrassed!

    Other high points included the fact that the choir seemed to be sounding better than it has done for a while – quite a few of you thought that – better pitching than at Durham and an overall better quality of rehearsing and result.

    The choice of music was a hit too – seen as a good overall mix of the familiar and the unfamiliar – everyone loved the Italian canticles. The Darke was the least popular and some thought we were under-rehearsed on that and so did not perform as well as we might.

    The friendliness of the choir was highlighted by many of you and despite the lack of a bar on site, we seemed to manage to socialise successfully – some nice comments about the committee's efforts on this score! In addition, the accommodation was pretty much to everyone's satisfaction apart from the long queues for meals, the quality of the food and the uncomfortable mattresses. It was close enough to the cathedral to make travelling less of an issue but it remains a fact that we all prefer to be able to walk (some unfortunate members got speeding tickets from the cameras on the way out of town!).

    On more general topics, there is a genuinely even mix of preferences for Spring or Summer weekends – the committee will pick this up. People would like dates for future weekends as early as possible – and also prior warning if they are going to be asked to sing a different part from their first preference.

    Also, although we have resisted it in the past, there are still some thoughts that informal name badges may be a good idea – I know the committee have picked this one up.


    Newsletter No 3

    Our third Newsletter* was published just before Christmas.


    * If you have any difficulties reading this file, please contact Robin.

    Is anyone within reach of Surbiton?

    Hello everyone and best wishes for 2008.

    I'm trying to build up the choir at St Mary's Church, Long Ditton (near Surbiton), and wondered whether there are any St Hugh Singers within reach of Surbiton who would like to come and sing on an occasional basis? We operate very flexibly, so don't expect our singers to be there every week. However, we sing choral evensong once a month, deputise at Guildford Cathedral once a year and have a good repertoire.

    Do email me if you (or anyone you know) would be interested. The best address is, or you can reach me on for more information or a gossip.

    Helen Perkins

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