Robin L. D. Rees

Weary And Ill At Ease
A Survey of Clergy and Organists

This book, dedicated to the clergy and musicians of the Church of England, is an updated version of my PhD thesis, but with most of the statistical analysis removed. Its title was taken from the Victorian ballad The Lost Chord by Adelaide Procter, set to music by Arthur Sullivan:

Seated one day at the organ,
  I was weary and ill at ease,
And my fingers wandered idly
  Over the noisy keys.
  • Foreword by the Bishop of Oxford
  • From the Preface: the circumstances which led me to embark on the project
  • From the Introduction: a brief historical review of the use of music in worship and the disagreements that it can provoke
  • One of the Case Studies: regarded by one academic as ‘rather too much in the style of the Daily Mail to be suitable for a postgraduate thesis’ — fortunately a view not shared by the examiners
  • Conclusion
  • The entire book is now available for free download in various formats from the Internet Archive.
  • You can order an original paper copy from Amazon.

Original cover
© Gill Onions 1993
(reproduced by permission)

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