The RockSoc Committee

Current Committee (2014-2015)

President: Amy Tims

About:Amy is our kvlt, frostbitten leader. If there's someone listening to kvlter black metal than you, wearing a garish Pikachu hat no matter what the weather, or doing approximately 95% of the work done by the RockSoc Committee, it's probably Amy.

Vice President: Jack Common

About: Jack is a Triptykon-obsessed biologist with an equally encyclopedic knowledge of metal bands and awesome-yet-terrifying invertebrates. He can loves going to gigs and can usually be found headbanging much harder than you might expect someone with his amount of hair to. He's not always as drunk as he looks in this picture.

Treasurer: Connor Warden

About: Connor is an historian by training, goth DJ and musician by hobby, and treasurer by quirk of fate. He is more than happy to answer any enquiries about membership or other financial matters, and plying him with bourbon may get you a quicker response.

Secretary: Jonny Smith

About: Jonny is an Earth Science student, studying rocks by day and enjoying rock at night. He enjoys a wide variety of music from Neil Young - Slipknot, and is always trying to find new bands to listen to. If you ever what to know any information, or want to set up new events just send him a message.

IT/Web Officer: Harry Eagles

About: Harry is a linguist who would be entirely more productive if he didn't listen to so much music. He's currently in Italy on his year abroad, which is why you probably haven't seen him around much. He's currently trying to grow his hair out for headbanging purposes but is stuck firmly in the awkward middle-length phase. He misses real ale very very much.

Social Sec: Katherine Jackson

Favourite Music: Katherine is a PPE-ist from Merton who, despite her chosen course, is no great fan of politicians. Things she does like include playing bass, making weird noises on bass, philosophy, going to the pub, the countryside, and reading sci-fi, fantasy and horror. She listens to an absurdly wide range of music, so if you've ever heard a sound and enjoyed it, you'll probably be able to have a good conversation about it with Katherine.

Social Sec: James Parkhouse

About: James is a classicist and is also Balliol's most recognisable metalhead, likely to be spotted holding court in the JCR in his leather jacket and Burzum t-shirt. He likes playing guitar, painting, running, and getting up extremely early to do these things.

Social Sec: Frederik Feldmann

About: Frederik is Oxford Rocksoc's resident Teuton. Rarely seen sober, he can usually be found evangelising about a band you haven't heard of because it's either obscure 80s thrash or German. Or both.

Social Sec: Tom Little

About: If you see a distinctive red overcoat swinging down the street somewhere around Oxford, it's highly likely that Tom is inside it. A member of the old guard of Oxford's wider rock and metal scene, Tom gives RockSoc a good anchor to the real world, and provides the rest of us with an opportunity meet people who didn't spend the entire day in the library reading about 18th Century Agricultural Reforms.