The RockSoc Committee

Current Committee (2011-2012)

President: Laura Buffett

Favourite Music: Metal – Gojira, Meshuggah, Trivium, Lamb of God, Sylosis, Prospekt, etc...

Likes: Festivals, gigs, organising and promoting events, headbanging, Discord, my New Rocks, chocolate milkshake.

Dislikes: Fallout Boy, Devin Townsend, the Indie genre of music, beer, rollercoasters.

Vice President: Nathan Lagden

Favourite Music: All kinds of rock music. Metal, punk, classic, prog, glam, hard, other.

Likes: Famous dead people, eating, drinking, pokemon.

Dislikes: Top Gear, peppers, generic pop, Metallica.

Treasurer: Jess Gaunt

Favourite Music: Hard rock, heavy metal, classic rock, punk, metal, nu-metal, pop punk, ska.

Likes: climbing, dancing, debates, cocktails, brownies, waistcoats, making skirts, woods and streams.

Dislikes: mornings, running, coffee, beer.

Secretary: Katie Roberts

Favourite Music: Jimmy Eat World, Disturbed, Mr. Big.

Likes: Assam tea, English breakfast tea, people who make me tea.

Dislikes: Running out of tea.

IT/Web Officer: Joe Camm

Favourite Music: Black Sabbath, Classic Rock, Blues Rock, Black Metal, Viking Metal, Doom Metal, most types of music ending in "Metal", "Rock" or "Punk".

Likes: Going to the pub with RockSocers, live music, shouting, fighting, meeting people who share these likes.

Dislikes: Cambridge students.

Bands Rep: Emma Moyse

Favourite Music: Blind Guardian, Dio, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Symphony X, Blind Guardian, Anthrax, Judas Priest, Blind Guardian, Airbourne, Alestorm, The Sisters of Mercy, Blind Guardian, original Guns 'N' Roses, Blind Guardian, Queen, Rush, Amon Amarth, Blind Guardian. Did I mention that I really, really, obsessively love Blind Guardian?

Likes: RockSoc, Tolkien, rum, Vikings, Wacken Open Air and World of Warcraft.

Dislikes: Nu-metal, metalcore etc (sorry!), the rum being gone, when Discord is cancelled, bedbugs.

Bands Rep: Arthur Start

Favourite Music: Hard rock, heavy metal, industrial metal, such as - Deep Purple, Nine Inch Nails, Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Rammstein, Iron Maiden.

Likes: Making music, playing guitar, going to many gigs, boasting about all the gigs he's been to, good guitar tone, xkcd, Physics, geekiness, band t-shirts, leather jackets and boots, drum machines, time machines, rum, beer, Tetris, good books, Pulp Fiction.

Dislikes: Hard work, too much politics, early mornings, being photographed, 'The Man, man...', unimaginative music, bad guitar tone.

Social Sec: Sarah Inman

Favourite Music:



Alternative Rep: Annabel Morley

Favourite Music:



Alternative Rep: John Clarke

Favourite Music:



Former Committee (2010-2011)

President: Joe Camm

VP: Rob Lee

Secretary: Katie Roberts

Treasurer: Dave Knapp

IT Officer/ Webmaster: Tom Nickson

Social Sec: Laura Buffett

Bands: Nathan Lagden

Bands Rep: Tom Small