Joining RockSoc & Membership Form

Life membership costs only 8. There are two ways to join RockSoc...

1. In Person: Speak to a senior committee member at one of our social events to fill in a form, pay and get your card.

2. By Pidge Post: Print and fill in the form below and pidge-post cash/cheque to:

Amy Tims,
University College,
(cheques payable to "Oxford Rock Music Society). We will pidge you back your card.

=========== Membership Form ===========


1) Name__________________________________

2) College_______________________________ [University/Company if not O.U.]

3) Year of Graduation____________________

4) E-mail________________________________

5) Interested in being part of the Committee? YES/NO [N/A if not O.U.]

6) Interested in helping to Flyer your College? YES/NO [N/A if not O.U.]

7) Postal Address for Membership Card [N/A if O.U./Joining in Person]