CUF Lecturer in Philosophy
Tutorial Fellow of St. Catherine's College

Metaphysics and Epistemology
Philosophy of Mind and Langauge
I'm currently working on a book project concerning the relations between empirical realism and various forms of externalism, both in philosophy of mind and in epistemology, provisionally titled Realism and Externalism, forthcoming with OUP.

1982-1987 Wadham College, Oxford: BA in Mathematics and Philosophy; B.Phil. in Philosophy.
1987-1989 Oriel College, Oxford: RWB Burton Senior Scholar, D. Phil. in Philosophy.
1989-1992 King's College, Cambridge: Research Fellow in Philosophy.

Visiting posts at: Brown University, University of Hamburg, University of California, Berkeley.

1999- Joint Editor, with Prof. Ernest Sosa, of the Ashgate Epistemology and Mind Series.

1999. Spatial Representation, jointly edited with Naomi Eilan and Roz McCarthy. Oxford OUP.
1999. Perception and Reason. Oxford: OUP.

Some recent papers
1992 'Self-Location and Agency', Mind, 101, 17-34.
1992 'Unilateral Neglect and the Objectivity of SpatialRepresentation', Mind and Language, 7, 222-39.
1993 'The Integration of Spatial Vision and Action'. In N. Eilan, R. McCarthy and B. Brewer (eds), Spatial Representation. Oxford: Blackwell.
1994 'Thoughts about Objects, Places and Times'. In C.Peacocke (ed.), Objectivity, Simulation and the Unity of Consciousness: Proceedings of the British Academy, 83,21-34.
1995 'Bodily Awareness and the Self'. In J. Bermudez, A.J. Marcel and N. Eilan (eds.), The Body and The Self. Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press.
1995 'Mental Causation: Compulsion by Reason', Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society Supplementary Volume, 69, 237-253.
1996 'Internalism and Perceptual Knowledge', European Journal of Philosophy, 4, 259-275.
1997 'Foundations of Perceptual Knowledge', American Philosophical Quarterly, 34, 41-55.
1998 'Experience and Reason in Perception'. In A. O'Hear (ed.), Current Issues in Philosophy of Mind. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
1998 'Levels of Explanation and the Individuation of Events: a difficulty for the token identity theory', Acta Analytica,20, 7-24.
2000 'Externalism and A Priori Knowledge of EmpiricalFacts'. In C. Peacocke and P. Boghossian (eds.), New Essays on the A Priori. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
2001 'Emotion and Other Minds'. In P. Goldie (ed.), Understanding Emotions.
2001 Précis of Perception and Reason, and response to commentators (Naomi Eilan, Richard Fumerton, Susan Hurley, and MichaelMartin) for a book symposium in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research.
2001 Précis of Perception and Reason, and response to commentator (Michael Ayers) a book symposium in Philosophical Books.

Work in progress
'Reference and Subjectivity'. Forthcoming in J. Greco (ed.), Sosa and his Critics. Oxford: Blackwell.
'How does Perception Justify Belief?' Debate with MichaelMartin, forthcoming in E. Sosa and M. Steup (eds.), Contemporary Debates in Epistemology. Oxford: Blackwell.
Realism and Externalism.