Committee 2016-2017

Matilda Tempest
Andrew Kenyon-Roberts
Declan Jones
Senior Member
Michael Lay
Campaign Organiser (CAMPO) TT
Michael Chester / Sally Outen
Campaign Organiser (CAMPO) MT / HT
Cameron Alsop
Social Secretary
Tom Lear / Cameron Alsop
LARP Organiser (LARPO)
Tom Lear
LARP Treasurer
Dan Avery
Tabletop Organiser (TABLO)
Matilda Tempest
Leah Owen
Nightflyer Editor
Stephanie Edwards / Isabella Morris
Website/Mailing List Rep (Netrep)
Nick Sale
James Wallis

Please feel free to contact any committee member with your queries, or if you're interested in any society games or events, or if you want to make contact with the society without subscribing to a mailing list.