Mailing Lists

You can subscribe, unsubscribe, and post to the various RPGSoc lists by sending an email to one of the special addresses below, substituting [listname] for one of the following:

General information and discussion
Society Game announcements and discussion
Weekly LARP announcements
General LARP discussion

List Commands:

Post to List - [listname] (you can only post if you are subscribed to a list)
Subscribe - [listname]
Unsubscribe - [listname]
Check if you are subscribed to a list - [listname]

It is not necessary to sign up to all the lists. We do recommend signing up for the main list, as that's how we'll let you know when things are happening, but you may only want to join the others if you choose to play the Society Game or join the LARP.

Further information can be found on the University help pages. Refer problems to the Netrep.