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ICON Character Creation

ICON has a simple character creation system, based on the idea of each character having various skills and resources at varying levels. The levels available for skills are:

(1 Point): In the case of a skill, your character is competent and professional.

(2 Points): The level of a character with both talent and dedication in their field.

(3 Points): The character is a virtuoso: a master of their chosen speciality.

Examples of resource levels, also rated 1-3, are given under the individual descriptions.

A character has a total of 9 points to divide between skills and resources.

No character may have more than one area rated at 3.

During character creation, the GMs may ask you to define specialities for one or more of your skills, especially those at the 2 or 3 point level. There is also a certain amount of flexibility as to what form resources take: the details given below are intended as examples.


The skill areas in ICON are Science, Hacking, Physical, Politics, Administration and Military.


The Science skill covers the understanding and application of both science and technology. It is important to select a speciality in this area, since it covers everything from biology and physics to medicine and engineering.

3 Points: An outstanding scientist, with the ability to develop new technologies and concepts.

2 Points: A good scientist who can improve exiting technologies and concepts, and to apply existing principles in new ways.

1 Point: You have a deeper knowledge of how Science works than most people. This allows you to understand, maintain and efficiently use technology, but not to invent anything. This could also indicate some specialised area of knowledge, e.g. history, literature, law.


Hacking is the ability to manipulate data on the Matrix: the virtual space used by almost all computers in CivCore.

3 Points: Your command of the Matrix is rivalled only by your arrogance. No system is safe from you: you can manipulate and alter data at will.

2 Points: You are good, but are in awe of the master hackers. Minor computer crime is second nature to you, and you can write working software. However, there are places in the Matrix you just won't go.

1 Point: You are particularly good at working with computers. However, trying to write complicated software, or breaking reasonable security, are beyond you.


This represents your physical abilities and training, from a bar-room brawler to a fully trained Special Forces operative. You should describe fully to the GMs the nature of your character's abilities.

3 Points: You are hard. Maybe this is obvious to anyone in a 2 mile radius, maybe you are quiet but utterly deadly. No one in their right mind would spill your pint.

2 Points: You are a seasoned warrior, skilled in a variety of weapons and techniques. You could easily make a living as a mercenary.

1 Point: You are unfazed by combat, and can happily take on any number of talentless know-nothings. However, there are people out there who could kill you without blinking.


Politics is the ability to understand and manipulate the complex interrelation of alliances and enmities which determine the course of CivCore.

3 Point: You can influence large audiences, perhaps nations given time. On an individual level, you have great personal charisma. Looking at a political situation, you know who is important, and who it is worth influencing.

2 Points: You are a charismatic speaker, and an accomplished statesman. Given time, you could go far.

1 Point: You know how the political system works and possibly foresee the moves of others, but the subtler nuances can elude you. This could also represent a powerful personal charisma, however players will be unaffected.


Administration is bureaucracy: maximisation of efficiency. Highly refined utilisation of potential. It covers the detailed prioritising, planning, execution and assessment of long and short term goals.

3 Points: You are a truly great manager. You can effortlessly direct the actions of hundreds of underlings. Your last downsizing is still talked about with awe and wonder in management colleges everywhere.

2 Points: You can competently run large groups, and could easily make a living as a top-flight management consultant. Your plans operate over the long term, and handle many variables.

1 Point: You understand how to organise people, and tell other people how to do the jobs they've been doing quite happily for years.


This covers tactical and strategic ability, and understanding of the capabilities of various kinds of troops and weapons: both yours and others.

3 Points: You are a genius. If there is just one last chance for victory, it is probably you. If there is any way to confuse, harass and encircle to the point of nervous breakdown, you will find it.

2 Points: You are quite happy commanding large units, and often display inspiration and flair under pressure.

1 Point: You have an understanding of tactical and strategic theory and history, but have rarely been tested in battle.


Resources are very varied. The following are general guidelines for what each level means: however players should be original, and decide for themselves what their resources points represent.

3 Points: Interplanetary influence, virtually unlimited cash, unique equipment (Millennium Falcon).
2 Points: Planetary influence, a well-equipped laboratory, top-of-the-line equipment, military post such as Captain.
1 Point: Small facility. Reasonable income, small company


A scientific facility of some kind: research institute, hospital, forensic lab, etc.


This is a very varied area. Discuss the details with a GM. Interesting gadgets are a possibility. Contact Steve about this sort of thing.


If you want your character to own his jumpship, and be able to use it freely, this is the resource for you.


Remember to specify exactly the group you wish to be able to influence. Influence can be bought more than once, but of course only once at 3 point level.


Your character either owns a business, runs some organisation, or holds some post in an organisation.


Filthy lucre, personally owned by the character. Might imply either income or capital.

Racial Abilities

Some races have special abilities, not all of which are commonly known. Your GM may require you to assign points to these. Some abilities are available to the race, but are not compulsory.

Types Of Character

There are three main groups of characters expected in the game. These are:

Diplomats: You are representing your people at the Nimyek Peace Conference. This does not, of course, prevent you from having ulterior motives and personal goals. Players in this area should see Corinne as soon as possible.

Station Staff: You work on the station, in one of three groups: Command, Security and Support (which covers engineering, science, medical and janitorial duties amongst others). This does not, of course, prevent you from having ulterior motives and personal goals.

Freebooters: You are outside these groups, but currently live or work on Omicron Station. You will only be able to attend the Nimyek Conferences with official approval: if you want to start the game with this permission discuss your background with the GMs. Your main motivations will be your ulterior motives and personal goals.

Examples Of Characters

The Explorer

Fred imaginatively calls his explorer character Indiana Jones. He chooses the following skills and resources:
3 Points Physical: Skills with whip and gun, and ability to emerge battered but alive from anything.
1 Point Science: Indy is an expert in Anthropology and Archaeology.
1 Point Politics: Charisma. Smart comments, getting the girl.
1 Point Jumpship: Indy does not in fact own a jumpship, but is good at hitching lifts from friends.
2 Points Influence: Indy has friends and colleagues almost everywhere.
1 Point organisation: Indy has a post on the Omicron Station support staff, allowing him access to useful leads. However, he is also currently in trouble for dereliction of duty.

The Muat-Tien Gamer

Bob calls his Muat-Tien fighter Bob. He has very little imagination, so his stats line up as follows:
3 Points Physical: Big fists. Driving sharp objects through soft things that scream and bleed. Hurting things from a long way away using guns. Making things dead.
At this point, Bob runs out of inspiration. The GMs suggest the following.
2 Point equipment: Big Guns. Small guns. Sharp things.
Here, the GMs also run out of inspiration, and suggest that Bob create a character with a personality.

Some time later Bob returns, and adds
2 Points Organisation: Captain in Omicron Station Security.
1 Point Money: Bob has some of his winnings left over.
1 Point Military: Bob has played group Muat-Tien games, and knows small-unit tactics.

At this point the GMs capitulate, and begin scheming to cripple Bob early on, forcing him into a new life of character role-playing. Note that if Bob's character sheet had included a page or two of information on his personality, none of this would be necessary.

The Scheming Diplomat

Anne wants her character, Charlotte Gasket, to make her fortune through manipulating her government.

2 Points Influence: Charlotte has a diplomatic post, but feels undervalued by her government...
3 Points Politics: ...however, she intends to start pulling strings as soon as possible.
2 Point Organisation: She has a secret network of spies and informants at home and on Omicron...
2 Points Administration: ...and the ability and obsession to keep track of them all.