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Closed Races

Note: Throughout these descriptions, the term 'humanoid' means that a race has human torso, limbs, head and sensory arrangements, and is devoid of any additional decoration. Humans do not exist in CivCore, however, so the term effectively means 'like the Aamei, Helyans, Clans and so on'. Unless otherwise stated, a race is humanoid, and they can still usually be told apart by sight, by means of skin coloration, shape of eye etc.

These races are not available to new players, but are widely known in CivCore.


This furry, ursine race, about three feet tall, lived on the planet of the same name until it was metal-plated, the first victim of the New Empire. They now live almost exclusively as refugees, and are known for their indolence and suggestibility, occasionally making half-hearted advances in order to arrange parties, holiday resorts or baseball games, then deciding they don't have the energy. A few have become famous for their work in entertainment, although seldom in serious drama.


The Dra'zan are a legendary race, present in the myths of those races with long space-going histories. They are said to be few in number, and to be itinerant wanderers. They are also said to be able to change their physical appearance at will, and to imitate the form of races with which they wish to interact. Occasionally, an eccentric traveller will be suspected of being a Dra'zan, but such stories are certainly far more common than the Dra'zan themselves, if indeed they ever existed.


The Handrahen are a race of artificial computer intelligences. Each consists of a kilometre long space-going craft, with each of its components acting in perfect harmony under the direction of the central identity of the ship. A nomadic race, they arrived in CivCore around 300 years ago from a region of burned-out stars called the "Gulf of Ash", having become caught up in a terrible war which decimated their people. The Handrahen were involved in the defeat of the Imperium of Zhan, since which they have become gradually less involved in CivCore affairs.


The plantains were bananoids. Yellow, curved, six feet tall, with long stringy arms and great big fangy mouths. There ambassadors were the Amazing Exploding Bananas, who appeared humanoid, but could voluntarily explode. Fortunately, the race was decimated by the Imperium of Zhan, then metal-plated by the New Empire. None have been seen recently.


The Shari jump gate is a major intersection of trade routes, and the nearby Omicron Station a popular free-trading area, but few bother to visit the planet Shari. It is generally considered too cold for proper habitation, yet is settled. The primitive Sharians live in small states, which are run by the so-called Pariahs, who enjoy God- king status. Not much is known about their culture or technology, yet they seem to posses some climate controlling technology.