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Johnny Vlarg (Dave McGuire)

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space hero

Concept: Popular but tacky low-rent galactic "superhero".
Justify your existence: Who else is going to save the universe and
			preserve peace and justice in the galaxy?
Aims:  Save the universe and cop off with swooning women as frequently and
	spectuacularly as possible.  To be a good heroic role model.
Race:  Karellian (probably! see below)

Nobody really knows Johnny Vlarg's origin, as he fell to the planet
Carillon inside a meteorite as a baby.  He looks a lot like the
Karellians, though.  He was found and adopted in a simple, rural district
by an old farmer and his wife, who brought him up as their own despite his
startling powers (see below).  This couple were, however, brutally
murdered in front of the young Johnny, and, as part of his convalescence
from this traumatic event he retreated in seclusion to a magical castle,
where, after some time, he was bitten by a radioactive cockroach.
Johnny decided that the galaxy was, like, a really bad place where nasty
people could thrive and do nasty things, and, realising that, because of
the combination of events in his life he now had supernatural powers, he
vowed to use them to defend nice people from nasty people, to the honour
of his adopted parents.  
The untimely death of his mother-figure also led Johnny to have a somewhat
warped view of women.  


Body.......5    Able to leap tall buildings.  (Sort of).
Reflexes...5    Faster than a speeding bullet.  (Nearly).
Appeal.....4    Loved by the masses, but sneered at by cynical types.
Management.1    OK at duffing up bad guys, rubbish at cunning plans.
		Makes it up as he goes along.
Science....1    Can point things in the right direction and press buttons,
		but no idea how things actually work.


Jump Ship 3     A dead fast, noisy and flash-looking but completely
		impractical (soft top) ship.  Lots of cool gadgets 
		(ejector seats and smoke-screen things) but no boot space
		to speak of.  (okay i know it's daft having a convertible
		space ship.  That's the point.  It's for when the weather's
		nice in space and looking generally cool.  You have to
		wear a space suit, I suppose).  It has this talking
		on-board computer with a fussing and Mumsy personality
		called Marvin. Oh, and it has a really distinctive go-faster
 		stripe down the side that sad people will try and copy on
		their own ships.

Income 1        Minor sponsorship deals from spaceship customisers, lycra
		manufacturers, ray-bans etc etc.  Lots of merchandising
		about - posters, action figures, duvet covers, shower gel,
 		terrible pop record, etc etc... but the agent-types screw 
		him for most of it (cos he's a bit dim, obviously...).  He
		gets by, though, and gets his cool costumes and stuff
		(jump ship upgrades???) for free.


Getting the girl         - Self-explanatory.
Killing the baddies      - ditto.
Unfeasible luck          - Tends to get away with total lack of
Ridiculous improvisation - Able to produce makeshift weapons, alarms,
			   tripwires, etc. from the unlikeliest objects.
			   Relevant materials (hammers, nails, drills,
			   oxy-acetylene torches - or whatever the 
			   spaceage equivalent is) tend to be nearby
			   whenever he happens to be in a fix.  Also able
			   to improvise an array of cunning escapes.  This
			   all sort of combines with the previous skill,
			   really.  It also covers wisecracking and
Looking Heroic           - Applies to a wide range of things.  Most
			   important is wearing tight clothes at all times
			   and looking ace in them.  It also means that he
			   "looks like" the good guy in any given 
			   scenario. There's a "ting!" sound and a little
			   sparkle on his teeth when he grins.  This skill
			   also means that each event in his life appears
			   to have a trite moral which he can expound at
			   the end.