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Johnny Vlarg Turn 1

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[i only really have time to write a sheet for Johnny himself, but his
agent might also be a factor...  NPC potential, perhaps?.  Anyway, here
goes... *clears throat*]

Those cute furry things NEED HELP!  They've been conquered by these nasty
aliens, and this, frankly, is not on.  I don't care if they're big and
tough, fair's fair, and this, er, isn't.  Riiight.  So now they've got me
to deal with.  I'm going straight to that Cymbally place, and sorting them
out.  I'm going to find any survivors, and get them out.  And if there are
still some people captured from the meeting that was there, hell, I'll
find them, and bust them out too.  And any tough invader type who gets in
my way will wish he hadn't.  Then we'll see how tough they are...  And if
it goes well, I should have my photo taken, for the kids out there who
need someone to believe in.  I need to give them a moral, to encourage
them to grow up good and honest in this crazy mixed-up galaxy...
something like "Remember - whether it's planets or toys, stealing things
doesn't pay.  Unless you're an enormous all-conquering alien force.  And
sometimes not even then".  Yeah.  I like the sound of that. Right!  where
are those bad guys?

[unfortunately, with management 1, this is about as detailed as Johnny
gets... he won't realise until he's there that there's only room for about
3 people (or whatever) in his jump ship, and will have to randomly
improvise a way out - stealing a transporter or heroically making two
trips, etc. depending on what comes to hand - this is where the ridiculous
improvisation and unfeasible luck skills come into play!]

Some people reckon that this invading force will sweep unstoppably across
the galaxy.  Ha - we'll see about that.  Not with Johnny Vlarg to deal
with they won't.  It seems they want Shari as well, so I'd better go
there, and stop them invading.  I'll think of something.  In the mean
time, being in between the baddies and Shari seems like the best thing.
I think people should know what I'm doing.  That Silas seems like a good
person - I should give him my agent's number.  Someone's got to sort this
mess out, and send those bad guys back where they came from.  They can't
go around taking things that don't belong to them - it's stealing.

These guys need to be taught a lesson, and that lesson is part of an
intergalactic bacalaureate in STEALING IS WRONG.  And this module isn't
optional.  They might not be bad, just misunderstood, and they might not
realise what they're doing BUT THAT DOESN'T MAKE STEALING RIGHT, AND
SOMEBODY IS GOING TO PAY!  Hell, everybody knows that you get punished for
wrong stuff, so if I punish them, they must realise it's wrong, right?
I need to get their attention.  Heading right for the middle of them seems
the best way to do it, and then hitting them all, especially the
important-looking ones, until they realise their mistake, and apologise,
and leave.  The apology is important.  You can't be rude like that and not
say you're sorry.  I should try to keep in touch with that meeting, to let
them know it's all under control.  Maybe I should send an action-packed
report to them every three months or something, with a moral that they can
tell their kids - or even apply themselves.  Nobody's to old to learn to
be good.  Unless they're really really old, or if they've been dead a
hundred years or something - but the principle remains.
I should make sure I'm finished with the bad guys in time for the press
conference.  My agent will be angry if I'm late, and anyway - it's bad

[thanks - I hope that's alright.. I missed the stuff about turnsheeting at
the meeting.  ta.  Dave.]