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Johhny Vlarg Turn 2

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The good people of the galaxy need consumer products they can rely on.
This is one of the bases of our civilisation, and people shouldn't be
allowed to sell shoddy things.  It is one of my duties as guardian of
justice in the universe to ensure that people know good quality produce
from the dross that bad people want to sell them;  by finding out what
products are good, and using them publicly, and telling people all about
how good they are, so they don't have to be deceived.  At least that's
what my agent [Solomon P. McShifty] says, and he's normally right about
things.  Some companies are even so committed to the fight against bad
people that they give me free things - this means they are good people,
and must make trustworthy products, so I tell people about them.
	Of course, I'm only really qualified to say about things I use,
which is mostly superhero stuff, and most people aren't superheroes, but
the way I see it, good companies deserve to have people know that they're
good, because their other products will be trustworthy too.  
	The kids all need good clean teeth to grow up into health young
adults - and so I'll accept the offer to advertise toothpaste that Solomon
set up.  The calendar idea also sounds like it's good for the nice company
that supplies my lycra, so that'll be good too.  It will also encourage
clean, healthy living.  Maybe a moral for each month could be good as 
well -  that way the people of the galaxy will not only be fit and strong,
but nice too.
	I will spend some time looking out for things to endorse, and get
Solomon to set some stuff up.  Perhaps there could be a gun company out
there that is committed to good people, so that people can protect
themselves with a reliable and trustworthy weapon, having seen me carrying
a much larger version!  Of course, people must be told that shooting at
people is wrong, unless it's the bad guy.   It is also important to
mantain a balanced diet in these troubled times, and fruit is a far-too
often neglected part of that.  Perhaps people could be persuaded to eat
more fruit if a fruit scientist could develop a fruit that makes me a bit
stronger when I eat it...  those Plantain banana people seem nice, perhaps
they will help?
	I should also look out for a trustworthy space-ship customising
company, who provide a good and reliable service to the good people of the
galaxy who happen to want to go really really fast and look really really
cool.  A company like that might want to help out, and have people
recognise it for the good company it is, if I'm going to...

It is the right of every citizen of CivCore to go really really fast,
should they want to.  In fact, going faster than before is the best
measure of sentient endeavour and progress.  And it's fun, too.  This
seems a noble race, and I will support it by winning it, thus showing it
is fair and right and supports good people.
	More importantly, those baddies from the new empire will be
racing.  People need something in believe in, and they need to see that
being bad is, well, bad.  We need to show these bullies that they cannot
come and push us around and overcome our plucky endeavour spirit thing.
And they cannot go faster than us, just because their ships are faster
than our ships.  The people need a hero, and that's me.  With the right
amounts of bravery, courage, daring-do and going really really fast, I'll
be in the virgin bar before you can say "Crikey! Johnny Vlarg's a bit good
at racing spaceships - hurrah for all that is good in its supreme triumph
over all that is bad."

								{3 points}
Those baddies have stolen two whole planets, and nobody has asked them to
say sorry, much less made them give the planets back.  This is wrong, and
they're going to pay.  Worse still, they could steal some more planets,
because they still have the same means as before to do it, and a whole
planet full of supplies.  What's more, they're stopping people using the
jump gates, and everybody knows that moving freely around the universe is
the inalienable right of all good citizens, no matter how these aliens
might try to make it, er, alien.  So, somebody needs to free the
jumpgates, stop the baddies stealing any more planets, and give them a
good shoeing until they realise that they are wrong and bad people, and
apologise and leave.  And that somebody is Johnny Vlarg.
	The baddies' big planet full of supplies is near Algol 47.  Good.
This means I can kill two space bats with one meteorite.  I will go about
my business, and go through the jump gate, to see if the baddies try to
stop me.  If they do, I will give them a thorough slapping for their
badness, until they apologise and declare the jump gate a free route of
access once more.  I will then press on towards the supply planet, dodging
their defences.  Once there, I will make sure that their supplies are
worthless, by blowing them up, or generally making sure that they can't
use them any more.  I will then beat up some more baddies until they
apologise to the galaxy for the trouble they have caused.  Actually, it
would be best if that was somebody quite important, so I'll look for an
important-looking person to beat up.  A wise man once said that stealing
is wrong, unless you're a good guy stopping the bad guys stealing
something more important.  I can't remember who, but they were a clever
and profound person.  Therefore I will take one of their plating vessels
and wreck some others, and also wreck the planet bombarment vessels by
getting them to shoot each other or something, but anyway, I will take
this plating vessel away and give it to CivCore, to hold onto until the
baddies say sorry and promise to behave themselves.  Yeah.  That's not
stealing - it's confiscation.  Stealing is wrong, and these baddies ARE
GOING TO PAY!!! and say they're jolly sorry, too.  Baddies can't win.
They never do.   The sooner they learn this, the better.

[this is Johhny's ideal sequence of events, and it doesn't occur to him
that things might not go according to plan - the key thing is that each
bit of the plan is really sort of a separate objective, within the one big
mission.  That is - that if they stop him using the jump gate, he will get
to the supply post another way - using a jump ship or something;  if he
can't knacker the supply planet, he'll still go for the plating and
bombardment ships, etc.  The key is that, while he doesn't plan ahead, he
improvises alternative plans, and he's very likely to persevere... eg.
going back more than once, perhaps "confiscating" several vessels,
especially if, eg. his ship got blown up.  You get the picture.]