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Johnny Vlarg Turn 4

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With great power goes great responsibility.  I know I have a
responsibility to beat up the bad guys for the protection of innocent good
people, but surely there's more to being good than stopping evil?  When I
get the time, I want to do something to help good citizens in a real,
practical way that doesn't necessarily involve hitting people in black and
jumping from exploding space ships.  There are lots of wars and things on
at the moment, and war means victims, innocent victims who just get in the
way because they're ordinary people who don't know not to get in the ways
of wars.  And kids who get hurt, for no good reason at all.  I want to
help these people.  Obviously, they still need protection, but they need
help too.  I'll get Solomon to sort out things that I can do to help,
where my powers are useful, like building hospitals really quickly, or
flying refugees to safety, or something.  Heck, maybe even just visiting
the kids when they're sick might cheer them up.  I can't do anything for
those poor innocent people on Barenor, apart from avenge their memories,
and shucks, I'd do that anyway!  Maybe by helping these innocent people it
will make up for the others, I don't know.  At least it will help.

That New Empire just never learns its lesson, does it?  Maybe a PhD in
OUCH! will serve as a reminder.  Some people are even saying I am involved
with these nasty aliens.  That's silly.  I'm a good guy, and they're bad
guys that steal things.  And Stealing is wrong, and they're GOING TO PAY!
They just can't go around plating other people's planets in metal and
expect to get away with it.  That's vandalism, and vadalism is a bad waste
of natural resources.  They have spoiled those planets for everyone else
now.  It was especially rude because Barenor had just been blown up, and
was just about to rise like a phoenix, or something like that.  And if
there's one thing I REALLY can't stand, it's rudeness.  I'm going to go to
the wing of the "New Empire" (New Empire, New baddies if you ask me) that
ruined that poor planet, and I'm going to find the one who's responsible,
and I'm going to punch him on the nose until he realises his error, and
apologises.  And if he won't apologise, I'll just make sure he can't do it
again, by confiscating or exploding his ships, or something.  At least
that way he can't do it any more.  Maybe then he'll start being good.

								{3 points}
So - Lord Nemesis has had the gall to challenge me to a duel, on Hel on
the 1st of June, has he?  Fine.  I won't run from the man who killed my
father;  even if he is a power-amoured amoral killing machine, that
doesn't make him tough.  Well, maybe it does, but it doesn't make him
right.  I will be revenged for my father, and for the people on Barenor,
and on behalf of all the innocent people in the galaxy who are downtrodden
by evil people like intergalactic criminal warmongers and estate agents
and people who sell substandard corkscrews.  It doesn't matter who or
where they are, the righteous are beset on all sides by the tyranny of
evil men, and blessed is he who shepherds the weak through the valley of
evil;  but woe betide he who shall persecute and destroy my people for I
shall strike down upon him with great vengeance and fuuuuuurious anger and
duff him up a bit and he shall KNOW that my name is, er, Johnny Vlarg.
Ahem.  Ooh, I'm all sweaty now.  All I know is, that bad people do bad
things to good people, and LORD NEMESIS IS GOING TO PAY!!! because most of
it's probably his fault.
	I know there are people out there who don't trust me - i can tell
when 2 and 2 make 5, I'm not stupid you know.  There are people who are
upset because they don't realise why I do what I do - they're so used to
seeing bad people they assume that people are bad.  That's fine - it's not
their fault - it's the fault of the bad people, of course.  But these
people want to get rid of me, and stop me doing what I do.  Who'd protect
the universe then?  Anyway - there are probably also people who want to
stop Lord Nemesis - they may be scared of him, but good people want bad
people to stop being bad because the bad things bad people do are done to
good people, usually.  So I'll tell them - Nemesis and I have a score to
settle.  Him and me.  Good and evil.  Right and wrong.  With the power of
good on my side, I will win, in a fair fight.  But bad guys don't fight
fair.  The thing is, if I inform all the right people secretly about the
fight, Lord Nemesis has to lose.  You see, if I win, we will be brought to
justice, and the CCF and whoever else can question me all they like - I
have nothing to hide, and the real culprit will be in custody, so
everybody will know he's guilty and I'm innocent.  If I should lose, by
him cheating nastily, at least the people who want to stop him blowing up
and torturing their innocent citizens will know exactly where he is, and
they can catch him and punish him, with overwhelming firepower.
	In fact, I can prove he did all the bad things and I didn't.  I
will ask him to his face, and accuse him of all the bad things he has
done.  He is confident that he will kill me, and so will boast of his
"achievements" because he's a bad guy and that's what they do.  My remote
camera thing can relay the details to the waiting CCF (or whoever) forces,
who will witness that he is the bad guy.  (Hell, maybe we can even
secretly record the battle for CCTV, making sure they get his full and
frank confession - I'll get Solomon to sort it).  Then the heavy forces
can mop up after the fight, whoever wins, and Lord Nemesis will be brought
to justice.  Better still, in order to challenge him Mano a Mano, I will
try to get him to remove his helmet, so that everyone can see who he is,
and everyone can see him apologise when I slap him!  Of course, the
waiting heavy forces will have to hide, and then move into place during
the fight, while Nemesis is distracted but I'm sure they can sort that
out.  Nemesis has done too much evil.  It must stop here.  I don't want to
fall to his level, but it has to stop.  He has to be brought to justice,
and his reign of terror has to end.  People must see him for the evil
baddie he is, and realise that I never did anything wrong.  I have nothing
to hide.  Whatever the outcome, I am victor.  Even should he strike me
down, I will become more powerful than he can possibly imagine.  I hope.
Every dog must have it's day, and all that.  It's time to end this, so
that the people of the galaxy can live in peace.  Well, more peace than
they did before, anyway.  Obviously there will still be the problems of
the New Empire and the Imperium and Rocarna and everything, but you can't
have it all ways, can you?  Maybe I'll fix them next, once Nemesis is seen

[okay that's it - thanks as ever, D.]


Sorry about this - but I forgot to mention a couple of bits amid all the
soul-searching ;)

Firstly, if I "confiscate" anything from the New Empire, sell it to Xylo
Treem, using the cash to improve my equipment for the fight with Nemesis,
and also making donations to orphanages, refugees, etc etc.

Secondly (and this is quite important) I forgot to mention to PRACTISE
LIKE HELL in the run-up to the fight with Nemesis.  To Jedi-train, almost
;)  basically, to realise that this is a hugely imoportant fight, and to
train accordingly, to give me the best possible chances - taking it dead

right - small but significant details I'm sure you'll agree.  Thanks for
that - I realise that Turnsheet additions = Gm hell, so sorry about that.

Ta, and here's to caning Lord Nemesis, (one way or another)