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Johnny Vlarg Turn 6

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[sorry this is so ridiculously late...  things have been a bit, er,
unusual this week, as you know.  It won't happen again.  Promise....]

Solomon seems upset that I didn't tell him about the business with the
diguise and stuff.  I'll have to apologise to him about it, and explain
that it was nothing personal, I just had to find a way to hide, and
quickly;  and this wasn't exactly something to be proud of - I thought he
might think less of me.  I'll try to make it up to him.

I'll fulfil my Mintchoccychip contracts and stuff, but I don't want the
kids to be set such a bad example any more...  People should realise that
I was just doing it as a disguise and I don't condone the way the Rebel
MCC acted.  I should have new tone to my songs... things like "Old dudes
(talk so funky)"  and "Try a little Etiquette".  I'm also intrigued by
more technological dance rhythms...  I'll put out a techno-dance record
collaboration at the cutting edge of popular taste, and call it something
techno-sounding, like "The MCC sound of 478/9dec".  After that, I think it
might be time to retire from the musical arena while at the top of my
profession - I'll make it easier on my fans by hinting at an acting
career, perhaps - but I won't actually do any acting, unless a REALLY good
script comes along.

Some people have been saying that tha CCF aren't good guys at all, just
because all the people that run it seem to be Helyan, and people from Hel
seemt o be, by and large, bad guys.  I'm not too sure about that, as they
seem to have the hallmarks of good guys to me, but you can't be too
careful these days.  So I'll work a bit more closely with the CCF, and
while I'm doing so, see what they're up to, and whether it's good or bad.
I should be able to tell from the sort of things they want me to do.  They
might want to train me for some specific tasks or something - learning
things is always good, and if they are happy to help improve my various
crimebusting abilities then that's good.  This way, I'll learn cool new
useful stuff, and get to work my way into their confidence at the same
time.  I'll see if I can learn anything from Admiral Nimyek [did I end up
pulling her at the Death Star?] as we seem to have been quite close.
She's Helyan, too, and so might be in a position to know things.  Or a few
other positions.  If she's not so forthcoming, I might be able to find out
some things from Captain Zlog, that female A'amei war hero type from the
advertisements, or at least have fun doing the research.  Anyway, I'll
continue my self-discipline training, and let the CCF help to train me if
they want (but I'll keep a look out in case they're just really cunning
bad guys).

Tae has invited me to go away for a break on her pleasure ship.  It'd be
rude to refuse, and I hate rudeness.  I'll have to take precautions to
ensure that I don't set a bad example, so I won't let the public know
about it - it'll just be between us (and perhaps Solomon, if he's still
upset, and REALLY needs to know where I'm going).  Other than that, and
making sure my crimebusting abilities aren't impaired, anything goes,
really.  Particularly if the things she wants to do accentuate my
super-hero powers, and emphasise just how extraordinary I am (does she
have a crotchless space suit? doing it in vacuum should be fun...).  Moral
integrity is good, but not sharing your talents is rude.  Chastity is a
good and valid virtue, but it doesn't apply to gorgeous chicks and
superheroes.  That would be taking things too far.

[many grovellings again for the lateness.... thanks a million, D]