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Johnny Vlarg Turn 7

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[hope you get this is time!!!]

Right, the Imperium of Zhan want to take all our planets away and kill all
of us, do they?  Well, I told that ambassador type that they weren't in
the right, and he was just rude.  So it's time to teach them a lesson they
can't ignore.  I'm going to fly through the jump gate into the middle of
Imperium space (if I fly they won't expect me - they'll be looking for a
space ship... and if they do see me, I'll just punch them, and borrow one
of their ships or something), and I'll find the Emperor, and punch him on
the nose until he realises he's in the wrong, and apologises, and
reverses his evil claims.  I suppose he will want to see the remains of
his son, so I could try to follow those for a while, to see if they lead
me to him - otherwise I'll just head for the most closely guarded and
impressive looking bit of Zhan space.  And either sneak or battle through.
	Also, while I'm in their territory (or possibly on the way back),
I'll have a look for the bartender from Virgus 8, and that tasty singer
chick - Mila or whatever her name was - and rescue them from the opressive
Zhan custody - this was nothing to do with them anyway, and they're
totally innocent.
	Nemesis says he's fighting on our side for now.  I don't trust him
at all, but sometimes you have to lay of a bad guy while you beat up a
worse bad guy, as the less bad bad guy is, in a way, more good.  He will
apologise, but I will wait until after the war is over to seek him out,
and make him pay for his crimes.  As for now, I've got to plunge into the
Imperium, and stop them!

[hope that's all okay (and that you get it before the meeting and stuff!)
- many thanks to you and the other GMs for running an ace game this
term... it's been great fun! cheers,  D]