Matrix Shaft

An introduction by Valomo Harana

Well, let me first of all welcome you to the Matrix Shaft Publc Information page. This contains information on all of our latest products and some sneak peaks of what we have in the pipeline. All aspecs of our company should be represented on this page. If there is anything that you feel this page should have that it doesn't or that it has which it shouldn't then contact Chris, the guru running this public access info, at Matrix Node H2-03-Db-80-3CV. Thanks and I hope you enjoy what you read here.

In memory of Valomo Harana

Here's what else is on the page...
About the company
Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask...
Special Forces
The elite core of the company
The best selling computer game
The upgrade for Genocide allowing surface combat.
The superweapons upgrade for Genocide
Ever wanted a map but couldn't be bothered to draw one...
3d Scan
Renders images into 3d matrix stored images
Security Systems
Security for your matrix stored data
High capacity storage devices
CyberTM PetsTM
The lovable matrix pets
Sneak Previews
Software in the pipelines