Special Forces

Nublest Tiby's words on it

Well, Special Forces is the elite programming core of Matrix Shaft. We are the ones who do all the tough jobs or those that need to be done perfectly or just quickly. That's kind of how we gained the name Special Forces. I say kind of because others in the company have other reasons. They call us special forces because we sometimes take up more of the resources than is our "fair share". Hence we use our "specuial forces" to get our way. Its not a big problem since they appreciate that our job can be very much more demanding than theirs.

People ask me why I do this? Well, three years ago the company had grown quite large. I was still a partner at this time and it was getting a bit stressful for me. I decided that Valomo was good at running the company so we decided that he would run the whole lot from then on. This meant that I could get back to what I enjoyed doing more and do some proper programming. So the answer to why is "Because I enjoy it". Simple as that really.

The work of Special Forces

Some of the work done by Special Forces includes the main core of Genocide and Holocaust, the game that has recently been storming the market. This game was phenomonally quick coming to the public view. Other work includes some of the best security systems we have running and also some of the artificial intelligence code in the CyberTM PetsTM.

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