Auto Map

The automapping facility is a useful application which will map your location and anywhere you travel whilst you have the equipment. The equipment consists of two input devices, commonly cameras, which are fixed a certain distance apart. These are set to film so that a three dimensional representation of the surroundings is made up. This is then transferred to a matrix make up where it builds up a representation of the area. This is added to as you move around and the map should always be up to date.

If an area has changed since last you were there then the program will alert you. This is often something like a door being open instead of closed or something like that and the program can be programemd to recognise this.

The only set up that the progranm needs is for the input device to be callibrated. This consists of using a set of test objects to ensure that the computer knows how far items are away.

It should be noted that this program should only be used in Technological environments. If used in Buiological invironments then it may be unable to correctly process the data due to movement in the surroundings.

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