Matrix Shaft - the info

Matrix Shaft started ten years ago when Valomo Harana and his friends, Smillink Theiw, Shovi Rown and Nublest Tiby decided that they were bored of just playing around on the matrix and wanted to do something worthwhile and useful. Valomo took the role as head of the company since he most understood about the running of it. The four partners started programming, mainly writing specific software for various companies. After a year Matrix Shaft was remarkably successful and decided to join GMG. It kept getting bigger with more general release software coming out rather than company specific. By this stage one of the partners, Shovi, had got bored and had sold out his share of the company to the others.

As time went on one of the other partners, Smillink, decided to drop back and moved from being a partner to being on the payroll. At this point Matrix Shaft became the one of main computer systems company for GMG. They became responsible for some of the computer systems run by the central organization of GMG and for many of the other companies running off of the central GMG network. The two partners decided to split the work between them, one dealing with the GMG and corporate systems and the other with the external work. This was in no way a company split but merely a logistical solution to the workload.

Six years ago Matrix Shaft won the bid to outfit and maintain the Omicron station computer systems. The task was to completely outfit the gutted station with decent computers that would run the security section, the command tasks on the ship as well as all the public terminals. A lot of software was custom written for the job but the station was on line to a minimal degree after 3 months and a year later was fully outitted. One of the younger programmers who helped with this project was Almar, now the head of the station systems department. He took over from the head of the project 2 years ago when Smillink had to retire due to health problems. Matrix Shaft has been half run from Omicron since then since Valomo has taken residence there and has run the company from there.

Since then the company has branched somewhat out into the hardware aspect of computer systems as well. 4 and a half years ago a research facility was set up to develop new hardware to make computers faster, more effective and generally better.

Three years ago Nublest moved from running half the company to running the smaller "Special Forces" part of the company. This is the section of the company that deals with the more important projects given to the company. Nublest said that his move allowed him to "get back to some proper programming" and commented that "running a company isn't as much fun as programming". This left Valomo as the effective head of the company.

Since the formation of Special Forces 3 years ago the company's success has rocketed. They are now looking to become the dominant software company in civcore.

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