This is the latest in interactive gaming experience from MatrixShaft. Feel the thrill of combat as your cobra fighter executes a graceful arc as you line up another of the worthless Dranils in your sights. Experience the responsibility of control as you control a battle cruiser, a battle group or perhaps an entire fleet. Can you direct your forces to a victory? Find out with Genocide.

This new game will allow users from accross civcore to all log into the same, gigantic game and play as a member of one of four races who are all struggling to wipe out all traces of the other races. Genocide on a galactic scale, coming to a retail outlet near you.

The game is roughly as above. There are four races, Dranils, Yamin, Cardras and Oliss. They have recently met and they are all highly Xenophobic. They are pretending to have peace talks as they mass their fleets, their first moves being to intimidate the Foreign Ambassadors. When the game first starts it will be a series of maneuvers organized by the races against non-live opponents. Then when they are ready (and there are enough players to be worth starting properly) each fleet admiral will get a message that they are to send forces to the peace conference (on a facility in orbit in an empty star system) to intimidate the other ambassadors. The Commanders will not know the others are coming (unless their spies have infiltrated which is unlikely this early) and will be surprised to meet each other. The first battle is waged and all pretence of civility will be gone.

The physics are based on the real world [(ie the ICON real world)] with ships being equipped with Jump drives and the ability to use Jump gates and the like. The region of space used by the game is known as "inhabitable space" since it is only in this region that there are inhabitable worlds or indeed worlds of any kind which can be lived on, mined for ores or just used for bases. There are stars outside of this space however. The size of known space will be practically determined by the length of game we want and the number of players we get.

The players can be one of five different types of player...

  1. Admiral of the fleet - this is the supreme commander of the races fleets. There is obviously only one of these per race per game. He will command the overall fleet tactics telling each section where to go and what to do.
  2. Fleet Commander - This is the rank of somebody who controls a battle group. ie all the ships in one battle. He will command the tactics for whatever battles he is in.
  3. Captain - This is the captain of a capital ship of the fleet. He will command a destroyer or cruiser which have excellent firepower and armour and are basically the big scary ones. Captains will also command the fighters associated with their craft and give them orders in battle.
  4. Pilot - This player would pilot the small fighter craft and bombers which are vital in the battles. Some of these would be flight leaders leading squadrons of 5 or however many fighters.
  5. Gunner - Some bigger fighters and the bombers need gunners to operate at peak efficiency. That is this players task.

I would expect most players to be (d) or possibly get together with a friend for (d) and (e) although obviously not everybody will want to do this.

Obviously not all the ships in a fleet are going to have players. These will be controlled by an artificial intelligence which will fly as close as possible to human standard.

The higher ranks (who control tactics and the like) will have AI advisers who will be able to make suggestions or point out possible mistakes. Asking for suggestions will damage your score.

Scores are affected by the following and are done separately for each rank.

  1. Winning the war (+ve), good tactics (+ve), taking advice (-ve)
  2. Winning battles (+ve), good tactics (+ve), taking advice (-ve)
  3. Number of kills (+ve), taking damage (-ve), taking advice (-ve), using initiative (+ve or -ve depending on outcome)
  4. Number of kills (+ve), Death (-ve)
  5. Number of kills (+ve), Death (-ve but not as much as for pilot death)

The supply for ships is fairly simple. Supply ships use jump gates and are thus relatively instantaneous in arriving at their destination. There is however scope for ambush at way points along the route.

Supplies are produced by planets. Some planets produce more food than others, some more fuels some more raw materials etc. The food and fuel is used to replenish fleet supplies whilst the raw materials are used to build new ships and weapons. Planets have factories (or orbital construction yards) to produce fighters or capital ships or whatever. Some factories might be geared towards a specific type of ship (eg Cobra class fighter) and are faster at making this ship type than non-specialized fatories. However they are slower at all other ship types.

The races themselves differ and each have a slight advantage in one field or another.

Superior weapons (better shot power)
Superior Speed (faster ships at both fighter class and capital class)
Superior Technology (cloaking devices, better scanners...)
superior numbers (more ships, more pilots...)

The interface system can be as simple or complex as the player wants/can afford. There will be versions for the on screen, using a joystick in your bedroom kind of players (equivalent of todays interfaces) and for those who have full VR matrix body suits and for those who have implant connections (full sensory interaction).

Check out the expansion packs, Holocaust and Annihilation.

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