This expansion for the hit game Genocide allows the player to experience the other aspect of galactic war. The conquest of the planets themselves rather than the space around them. With tanks, armoured bikes, artillery, bombers and much more at your disposal can you afford to miss out on this fun?

Holocaust adds a new element of tactic and a need to master new skills. Driving a tank is very different to piloting a starfighter. Can you master the new challenge?

The main new element in this is the new vehicles available to you. These include tanks of all sizes, armoured bikes, artillery, battlesuits, atmospheric fighters, bombers, mobile headquarters and more. For a full, detailed list look down here. Other features include new ranks and a new scoreboard to try to fight your way to the top of. The ranks added are...

  1. Commander in chief - This is the main comander of all the ground forces owned by this race. He will work closely with the Admiral of the Fleet to plan movements
  2. General - This is a local commander of forces. He will command all the forces in a system.
  3. Captain - He will command a portion of the ground forces. eg the 12th Tactical Division.
  4. Sergeant - he will lead a small group of vehicles or control one larger vehicle.
  5. Private - These are the people who man most of the tanks and other vehicles.

These ranks are only for the ground based forces. The aircraft crew have the same ranks as the space navy. All the new ranks will have a scoreboard to themselves and their will also now be scoreboards for each vehicle type so that you can prove yourself to be the master of the Vulcan tank or whatever your vehicle of choice might be.

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