Jaynes guide to Surface oriented vehicles

This is a concise guide to vehicles found employed in ground battles by the four races.

Dranils Yamin Cardras Oliss


Vehicle Name Description Armaments
Wolf Mk III Lightly armoured battle tank 40MF Laser turret
Wolf Mk V Medium battle tank 50MF Laser and twin repeater blasters
Wolf Mk VII Heavy tank Dual 50MF Laser Turret and twin repeater Blasters
Jackal Mk II High speed attack bike Twin repeater Blasters
Jackal Mk III High speed attack bike 30MF Laser
Fox Mk I Armoured Battle Suit Plasma burners and a repeater blaster
Cheetah Mk II Fighter Craft 35MF High Focus Laser
Cheetah Mk III Fighter Craft Scattered blaster
Wildcat Mk I Tactical Bomber Plasma Saturation bombs, two 35MF high focus lasers and two 20MF high focus lasers
Panther Mk I Artillery Induction Cannon
Panther Mk II Artillery Plasma Cannon
Mongoose Mk I Defense turret (Anti Personnel) Quad Repeater Blaster
Mongoose Mk II Defensive Turret (Anti Tank) 70MF Laser
Mongoose Mk IV Defensive Turret (Anti aircraft) Quad 40MF High Focus Lasers

Vehicle Name Description Armaments
TLF-20C Lightly armoured battle tank 20 Point Cannon
TMM-24C-D12Mg Medium battle Tank 24 Point Cannon and twin 12pt Machine Guns
THS-D22C-D12Mg Heavy Battle Tank Two independant 22 Point Cannons and a twin 12pt Machine gun
BLS-D12Mg Attack Bike Twin 12pt Machine Guns
BLS-PB Attack Bike Plasma Burners
SMF-PB-RL-Q5Mg Battle Robot Plasma Burners, Short range rocket Launchers and Quad linked 5pt Machine guns.
PMVF-15HeMg Low altitude fighter 15Pt High explosive Machine Gun
PLVF-FM-D12Mg Low altitude fighter Frag missiles and a dual 12pt machinegun
PHM-TNB-D15HeMg-D10HeMg Low altitude bomber Tactical Nuke Bombs, Two 15pt high explosive machine guns and two 10pt high explosive machine guns



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