Valomo Harana

Valomo Harana, former head of the company, is sadly no longer with us. He was killed in an explosion on Omicron station recently. Eye witnesses report that one of the Shari Pariahs present on the station gave him what appeared to be a comic book bomb complete with alarm clock timer. All attempts at separating him from the bomb failed and he was tragically killed moments later.

The death of Valomo is a grave loss to us all. He was well liked by his employees as well as most others who knew him. He was always happy to help out and was a part of the liberation force that helped to rescue some Tharils from their slavery. He was also involved in many other, noble missions. His later life was spent setting up his company, Matrix Shaft, and helpling it grow into the great company it is today.

Recently he became involved in a scandal during which he was accused of helping a CCF attack squad attempt to gain control of Omicron station. He became wanted by Security after this despite everything that he did to help the station get back under its own control including foiling an attempt by malicious forces to destroy the station.

Valomo's death will be mourned by many and his funeral will be well attended. Valomo, may you rest in Peace.